This heavyweight weigh-in isn’t for the next big boxing match but for some giant vegetation vying for a world record title.

This year Half Moon Bay, California is the site for the Championship Of Goliath Gourds on October 14. Also known as the pumpkin capital of the world, the 46th Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off is just the beginning of the annual Art and Pumpkin Festival on Oct 19 and 20.

Sporting some giant orange gourds that rival a Volkswagon Beetle in size, growers will be competing for the $7 per pound prize and should of those Godzilla sized gourds break the current world record of 2,624 pounds, the winner will receive a prize of $30,000.

But this contest isn’t just about braun, there is also a $1,000 prize for the most beautiful pumpkin.

The San Mateo County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office of Weights, Sealers, and Measures is in charge of the official weigh-in and will have to use forklifts and harnesses to maneuver the giant gourds onto the five ton capacity scale.

The weighing begins at 7am at the I.D.E.S. Grounds.