It’s the end of another season of “So You Think You Can Dance”. All of the votes are in and the top 10 returns to celebrate the crowning of a new winner.

To kick off the show the top 10 reunite for a group performance which was choreographed by Emmy Award winner Mandy Moore.

The top four and the judges all get to pick their favourite dances of the season.

Laurieann picks first and chose the Luther Brown piece performed by Mariah and Bailey who brought the house down and the judges to their feet.

Next up was Nigel who chose the Ray Leeper routine performed by Madison and Ezra who brought the judges to their feet.

Dominic chose the Travis Wall routine performed by Eddie And Sophie.

Mariah chose the Mandy and Elizabeth roof routine with Bailey.

Mary Murphy chose the Jive by Stephanie and Gino.

One of the most memorable routines of the season was the performance to the music of Harry Styles by the top 10.

Dominic made another dance choice in the Al Blackwood piece by Anna and Benjamin and brought the judges to their feet.

Mary made the choice of the Luther Brown Egyptian themed Hip-Hop number by Comfort and Gino and the house went crazy.

Nigel’s second choice was for Phoebe to fulfill her dream and be a star on the SYTYCD stage. Phoebe has Down Syndrone. She danced to rousing cheers from the crowd and got a standing ovation from the judges.

Sophie chose the Contemporay routine with Gino as the dance she wanted to dance again.

Lauren, Cyrus, and the top 10 perform a new routine choreographed by Luther Brown especially for the upcoming tour.

After showing a clip of Dominic’s SYTYCD audition on season three, Dom chose the Ray Leeper piece danced by Mariah, Madison, and Sophie.

Saying that Bailey affects her, Mary chose the Al Blackston Broadway piece with Bailey and Koine and brought the judges to their feet. The crowd was cheering Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

Laurieann chose the routine by the top three men – Bailey, Gino, and Ezra with a Talia Favia routine and brought the judges to their feet.

Fresh off of his group number, Gino chose to dance the Elvis Jazz routine with Sophie.

Dominic called him the new generation of B-Boy, Bailey chose his favourite dance the Ray Leeper routine with Mariah to the music of INXS and brought the house down.

In the first results of the night, host Cat Deely reveals that over three million votes were cast. Sophie is the fourth place dancer.

Nigel makes one final choice for an encore performance, the Ray Leeper Jazz routine with Gino and Bailey and brings the judges to their feet.

The final dance choice of the night was from Laurieann with a Jazz dance by Ezra and Gabby.

In the next results, Cat noted that the difference between the second and third dancer was less than one percent. Gino is the third place dancer.

It’s down to Mariah and Bailey

And the winner is…




…Bailey!!!! He becomes the first B-Boy to ever win the competition.