A few weeks ago, “Dancing with the Stars” revealed the cleebrity and professional dancers for the new season. Tonight on the premiere, the pairings will be revealed.

The injury bug has bitten early this season, during a rehearsal Christie Brinkley injured her arm and it required surgery. Christie is out for the season; her daughter Sailor has taken her place on the show only three days before the season premiere.

It’s a new Ballroom with the same hosts and judges.

Up first is Bachelorette and Miss Alabama Hannah Brown has been paired with Alan Berstyn. The duo perform the Cha Cha to the music of Whitney Houston. Tom Bergeron said that it was very nice. Head judge Len Goodman revealed some changes in the judging with recognizing more steps and better technique. He added that Anna’s dance was a great way to kick off the show. Bruno said that at last Anna found her true love…dancing. Carrie Ann said that Anna came out with the right attitude; adding that Anna has great form. Sporting new score paddles, Anna and Alan scored 20 points.

In this first week the judges will cast their scores but fan voting will no be open until next week. The scores from this week will be combined with next week; along with the fan votes.

Comedian and actor Kel Mitchell is paired with Witney for a Tango that opened with Kel coming down a tongue slide under a big picture of his face. Bruno said that Kel has the right attitude and focus; adding that the dance was a bit jumpy. An excited Carrie Ann noted that Kel was a little out of the groove, but once he finds it… Len liked the attack but would have liked to see more heel leads; adding that the frame was a bit loose. Len said that Kel has potential. Kel and Witney scored 16 points for their dance.

Next up is actress Kate Flannery is paired up with new DWTS pro dancer Pasha. They will be dancing a Cha Cha to the Donna Summer hit “She Works Hard for the Money”. Carrie Ann was impressed; noting that Kate was clear and strong footed. She said that it was a great first dance. Len noted that Kate needs to straighten her lads; adding that she has a great attitude. Bruno called Kate efficient, but she needs to finish her moves. Kate and Pasha scored 15 points for their dance.

NBA champion Lamar Odem has been paired with Peta Mergatroyd – who returns after two seasons of being a mom – and will be dancing a Foxtrot. Lamar is six foot 10 and Peta is five foot seven. Len noted how difficult it is with such a tall person; adding that Peta did a good job. Len said that the dance lacked finesse. Noting that the Foxtrot is hard to master, Bruno said that Lamar focused on the steps and forgot to dance. Carrie Ann disagreed with the guys, saying that she was impressed that Lamar did a great job. Lamar and Peta scored eleven points for their dance after getting three’s from Len and Bruno.

Country music singer and “American Idol” Lauren Alaina was paired with Gleb who will be dancing a Cha Cha to the music of Shania Twain. Lauren noted that she belongs on a farm, not a Ballroom dance floor. Bruno said that it was like watching a sultry southern belle; adding that she had some nice finishes. Carrie Ann said that Lauren had style; adding that it was a powerful Cha Cha. Len liked the rhythm of the dance and overall liked the dance. Lauren and Gleb scored 19 points for their dance.

Sailor Brinkley Cook had just three days to learn the Foxtrot with partner Val. They will be dancing to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”. Christie appeared in the video and was married to Joel. The opening of the dance was a reprise of the video. Carrie Ann was blown away; adding that she has a poise and carefree spirit that ran through her dancing. Len wants his car back, saying that Sailor floated his boat. Len said that for having only three days, Sailor did a wonderful job. Bruno said that Sailor has the talent and he can’t wait to see what she will achieve with proper rehearsal time. Sailor and Val scored 18 points for their dance.

TV host Karamo has been paired with Jenna Johnson (Chmerkovskiy) for a Salsa. The house went crazy. Len said that it was all a bit disappointing, not enough hip action and lacked rhythm. Bruno said good looks and style but lacked hip action. Carrie Ann felt that Karamo under performed the dance but was solid. Karamo and Jenna scored 17 points for their dance.

Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis was paired with Cheryl Burke for a Salsa. Bruno said that Ray can bring the heat but noted there were some missteps. Carrie Ann loved the entrance; adding that it was pretty good and Ray knows how to bring his A game. Len said that Ray has potential. Ray and Cheryl scored 15 points for their dance.

Former Supreme Mary Wilson has been paired with Brandon for a Foxtrot to the Supreme hit “Baby Love”. Carrie Ann said that Mary was built to Foxtrot. Len said that at 75 he would like to be able to do a Foxtrot like Mary did who is also 75. Bruno was star struck; adding that Mary knows how to bring it. Mary and Brandon scored 17 points for their dance.

Ally Brook is paired up with Sasha Farber for a Cha Cha. Len noted that there was a lot of hip thrusts – a lot of Beyonce stuff – that he doesn’t like. Bruno loved the sense of attack but she is anticipating the beat. Carrie Ann said that the dance was lacking a balance; adding that Ally has potential. Ally and Sasha scored 16 points for their dance.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been paired with Lyndsay Arnold for a Salsa. Bruno noted that there were some elements of Salsa in there but there was no hip action; adding it was strangely entertaining. Agreeing with the entertaining part, Carrie Ann noted that Sean did have fun. Saying that he admired Sean for coming on the show, Len also noted that Sean had fun on the dance floor. Sean and Lyndsay scored 12 points for their dance.

Closing out the night of dancing are actor James Van Der Beek with Emma Slater with a new hair colour for a Tango. Carrie Ann said what a way to end the night, calling James a leading man. Len said that the dance had drive; adding it was terrific dance. Bruno loved that James was in character and in control; adding that he had great lines. James and Emma earned the highest scored of the night with 21 points for their dance.

DWTS Premiere Week scores:
Lamar and Peta – 11
Sean and Lyndsay – 12
Kate and Pasha – 15
Ray and Cheryl – 15
Kel and Witney – 16
Ally and Sasha – 16
Karamo and Jenna – 17
Mary and Brandon – 17
Sailor and Val – 18
Lauren and Gleb – 19
Anna and Alan – 20
James and Emma – 21