NASCAR’s no tolerance policy isn’t just for the drivers; it extends to every member of the teams.

Matt Borland, the crew chief for the Monster Energy Cup Series Germain Racing team number 13, driven by Ty Dillon has been suspended indefinitely for violating the sport’s substance abuse policy.

Bolard believes that the banned substance was an ingredient in a diet coffee drink he likes and has been consuming for the past six months. Borland noted that he gave the doctor all the details about the ingredients of the coffee.

Speaking on the incident, Borland said, “even after doing my due diligence, I felt comfortable in drinking the coffee. I plan to work with NASCAR to figure out what exactly has happened and resolve this issue as quickly as we can. I will cooperate with them and do whatever is requested of me to make this situation right.”

He added that, “I have worked in the NASCAR garage for 20 years now and have never been a part of anything like this in my life. I take full responsibility for this incident and want to get it taken care of completely.”

Borland will have to complete NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program before he can be considered for reinstatement.


Justin Alexander will step in Borland’s absence.