It has been 50 years since the Fab Four took the world by storm and filling venues with thousands of screaming girls. And though they were only together for about a decade, the music lives on as strong as it was 50 years ago.

Ome of the most iconic of those albums was the “Abbey Road” release with an album cover showing the lads crossing a street. A hot day, Paul had kicked off his shoes which later sparked numerous conspiracy theories stating that Paul was dead.

On September 27, the band is releasing an expanded edition of the album that originally sold some 31 million copies around the world in a variety of formats.

Along with an updated mix of the songs, the package will feature 23 demos and session recordings, many of which have never been released.

The Super Deluxe release contains 40 tracks on three CD’s and a Blu-Ray disc. The package also contains a 100 page hardbound book.

A Super Deluxe download edition will also be available.

A limited edition vinyl package will feature all 40 songs on three long playing albums.

There is also a two CD deluxe edition featuring the new mix and 17 of the session and demo songs.

The new mix version of “Abbey Road” will also be available as a single CD, vinyl album, and as a digital download.