More than a tribute, it was a musical review with antics reminiscent of an old vaudeville show that included unsuspecting members of the audience when the Fairchild Blues Tribute came to the Bear’s Den Showroom in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on July 27.

With the backing of a full band “brothers Jake and Elwood Blues” entertained the full house with song, dance, and some “tom foolery”.


The band got the night started off with the theme from “Peter Gun” and then the “brothers” took the stage. After a few moments of standing on the stage, the audience took over with chants of “we want the show”.

And so it began…
Beginning their show with “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” and “Soul Man”, the duo danced and sang all over the stage.

Noting that the night was going to be a big party, the set list included “Sweet Home Chicago”, “Bony Maronie”, “Do You Love Me”, “What I Say”, “Hallelujah, I Love Her So”, “Minnie the Moocher”, “Rawhide”, and closing it all out with an audience participation performance of “Shout”.

But in between all of the songs…

It all began with Elvis…or rather the lack of Elvis and his scarf throwing. But have no fear, The Blue Brothers had some “scarves” of their own to throw…bags of them – white socks – which they tossed into the crowd.

Other antics included twerking audience members, a jail house “girl fried”, and a “kissing contest”. After bringing a gentleman on stage to go back stage for a consultation with a “love expert” on how to stay married, he returned to the stage to find three ladies waiting. The man was told that he would be blindfolded and would have to kiss each one of them and rate their kisses. But once blindfolded, it was his wife who came on stage for the kissing. He gave her a two, a five, and finally a 10.

This was not a show for sitting quietly, but one for dancing, singing along, and having a lot of fun…and they did.

After the show, the “brothers” met with fans in the lobby for a meet and greet including losts of sillly photos.