Last week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the top 20 dancers were revealed but it isn’t over yet…the top 20 will become the top 10 after performing with an All Star.

First up are the top 10 girls to “dance for their lives” in hopes of being one of the top five and move on to the live shows.

Contemporary dancer Mariah has been paired with Jonathan for a Salsa and impressed Ballroom expert Mary Murphy.

Next up is Salsa dancer Melanie who has been paired with Fik-shun for some Hip-Hop.

Ballroom dancer Ashley has been paired up with Lex for a Contemporary routine.

Hip-Hop dancer Anna was paired with Marco for a Jazz routine.

Contemporary dancer Madison was paired with Kiki for a Cha Cha.

Ballroom dancer Sofia has been paired with Marco for a Jazz routine. Sofia was paired with Marco in season 14.

Popper Sumi was paired with Lex for a Contenporary routine.

Ballroom dancer Nazz was paired with Fik-shun for a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine.

Contemporary dancer Sophie was paired with Kiki for a Cha Cha.

The final dancer on the floor was Ballroom dancer Stephanie who was paired with Jonathan with a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine. She was cut just short of the top 10 last season.

And the final five are…
and Madison

Next week the guys will take the stage to determine the top five dancers.