It’s week three of the auditions on “So You Think You Can Dance” as Nigel, Mary, Laurieann and Dominique look for the best dancers to send to the Dance Academy.

Bailey “Bailrok” Munoz gets the night of dance started off with a B-Boy routine. Born two months premature, Bailey is only five feet tall but he is a powerhouse on the dance floor and brought the house to their feet with his dance. Bailey got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

Contemporary dancer Luke Romanzi is the son of a bagel shop owner who hopes that his son will take over the shop, but Luke just wants to dance. Luke didn’t get into Julliard, but the judges thought Luke was fantastic and gave him a ticket to the Dance Academy.

Victoria Neukom, Dustin Payne, and Jay Jackson all returned to SYTYCD for another try and this year they got their tickets to the Dance Academy.

Salsa dancing sibling Jordynn and Elan Lurie also made a return to the show after being cut in the first round of the Academy last season. Nigel wanted to see Jordynn dance with her grandfather who said that he has only danced with her once because he couldn’t keep up with her. And not to be left out, Elan joined in on the fun. Armed with a new trick filled routine, not only impressed Ballroom expert Mary Murphy, who put them on her hot Martamale train, but the rest of the judging panel and earned themselves another ticket to the Dance Academy.

Maria Babineau is a neuro-science student who has only been dancing for about four years. After never taking a dance lesson, her Hip-Hop robotic routine impressed the judges but not quite enough to get a yes vote from Dominique and Nigel.

Sophie Pittman comes from a small town in Tennesse and plans to make dancing a career. Her Contemporary routine to “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town earned her a ticket to the Dance Academy.

Frank “Ghost” Crisp Jr is a self taught street dancer who has been dancing literally all of his life. For two seasons, Frank was the mascot for the Harlem Globetrotters before being promoted in the organization. Dominique called Frank the definition of dance. Mary said that he was born to dance and would be remembered. Nigel said that Frank’s biggest mistake was calling himself ghost because he is the real thing. Frank got his ticket to the Dance Academy.

In the final audition of the night, Cotemporary dancer Lauren Luteran was only five months old when she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Dancing since she was five, Lauren says that dancing helps with her illness. Lauren got her ticket to the Dance Academy with four yeses from the judges.

Next week the auditions continue…