The Cross Battles conclude on “The Voice” as the coaches continue to challenge each other. Only Blake has a steal remaining. John and Kelly have both yet to use their saves.

New this season, in the Cross Battles the singers have no idea who they will be singing against until the moment they come on stage. The coaches have only one save and one steal to try and hold their teams together.

Adam gets the night of battlers started off with LB Crew. Adam chose Kelly as the challenger and Kelly chose Jej Vinson as her challenger.

For his second battle of the night Adam chose Calvin Jarvis and chose John Legend as his challenger. John chose the singer he blocked Adam to get, Julian King.

For his first battle, Blake chose Carter Lloyd Horne and picked John Legend to challenge; John chose Jacob Maxwell as the challenger.

Next up Kelly Clarkson chooses the family band The Bunds for a battle and chose Blake as the challenger. Blake chose Andrew Sevener for his singer.

John Legend chose Shawn Sounds and chose Blake as the challenger. Blake chose Karly Moreno as his singer.

Adam has one final artist – Kendra Checketts – and chose John Legend as the challenger. John chose former team Adam member Jimmy Mowery.

Kelly Clarkson has only two artists left and chooses Rebecca Howell for a battle, Kelly picked John Legend for her challenger. John chose Beth Griffith-Manley as his singer.

In the final battle of the night, team Blake’s Gyth Rigdon and team Kelly’s Abby Kasch

The teams:

Team Blake:

Kim Cherry

Oliv Blu

Selkie – save

Dexter Roberts

Team Adam:

Betsy Ade – steal

Domenic Haynes – save


Team Kelly:

Matthew Johnson

Rod Stokes – steal

Presley Tennant

Team John:

Maelyn Jarmon

Celia Babini – steal

Lisa Ramey