This week on “World of Dance” The Cut round concludes with the Junior and Upper Team divisions.  By the end of the night half of the teams will be eliminated. 

Up first is the Junior division with Jennifer as their mentor.

First up is the duo Funkanometry who have a secret weapon planned for their routine.  When the lights go down the boys are nowhere to be found, but once the music starts they pop up behind Jennifer at the judge’s table.  The boys earned a score of 91.3 points after getting 93’s from Ne-Yo and Jennifer and an 88 from Derek.

Next up was Lauren Yakima with a routine for her mom.    Lauren earned a score of 91.7 for her dance.

Moving 4ward “Come Together” for a routine dancing around and on a table.  The guys earned a scored of 90.3 points for their dance.

From this point forward, dancers will be eliminated.

Julian and Charlize perform a routine Julian based on “La La Land”.  With a score of 93 points, the duo takes the top spot and sends Moving 4ward home.

Ballerina Kayla Mak hopes to dance her way into the Divisional round after winning the Redemption.  Earning a score of 93.7 points Kayla puts herself at the top of the leader board and sends the duo Funkanometry home.

The final act in the Junior round is the sister duo of Ellie and Ava who are dedicating their dance to their grandfather who is in the audience.  After reworking the whole dance after their mentoring session, the girls scored 95.3 points to take over the top spot and sending Lauren Yakima home.

The three acts moving on to the next round in the Junior Division are:
Ellie and Ava
Kayla Mak
Julian and Charlize

Ne-Yo mentors the Upper Team dancers.  First up in the Upper Team Division are the Exiles.   After winning the Redemption, the small town dancers earned a score of 90.3 points.

Next up is 7the trick filled Indian dance crew The Kings and had Derek jumping on the table.  Creating a Transformer on stage, The Kings earned a score of 97.7 points to top the leader board.

Unity LA takes the stage next with a routine involving canes about aging, especially as dancers.  The crew earned a score of 93.3 points.

From this point on, one team will move on and one team will go home.

Hoping to impress Jennifer, Fuego Dance Crew takes the stage.  In a routine that had its moments, Fuego Dance Crew scored only 89.3 points and is the first crew to go home.

Next up is the all female crew Radiance who chose to perform not just to dance but for something they believe in with all of the gun violence that has occurred.  With their message of awareness, Radiance earned a score of 92.7 points to earn their spot on the leader board and sending Exiles home.

In the final performance of the night The Heima shed their masks to reveal their true selves in their routine.  In a risky routine, The Heima scored 97.7 points taking the final spot in the next round.  The score that included a perfect score of 100 from Ne-Yo, The Heima sent Radiance home.

The final teams in the Upper Division round:
The Heima
The Kings
Unity LA

Next week the dancers battle it out for the division titles.