This week on “World of Dance”, the dancers face a new round with The Cut. For this round the dancers get a little mentoring time with the judges.

In this round half of the dancers will be eliminated. The three acts with the lowest scores will be eliminated.

The Upper Division is up first with Derek serving as the mentor.

First up are Jonathan y Jorge. After some mixed comments from the judges, the duo scored 90.7 points.

Next up Derion and Madison who scored 94.7 points.

The Korean duo All Ready with a score of 92 points.

Now that three acts have performed, after each act someone will go home.

Derion and Madison are at the top with All Ready in second and Jonathan y Jorge in third.

After winning in the Redemption dance, Briar Nolet takes the stage and earns a score of 95.3 and takes over first place; sending Jonathan y Jorge home.

Itailan dancers The D’Angelo Brothers are the first tap dancing duo in The Cut. Tihs time around the duo held the music to a minimum to feature their tapping skills and earned themselves a score of 91.7 points; but it was not enough to keep them in the competition. Briar Nolet is guaranteed a spot in the next round.

The final at in the Upper Division round is Poppin John and this time he brought a prop – a heart. John earned 95 points for his routine and earned second place sending All Ready home.

The three acts moving on to the next round in the Upper Division are:
Derion and Madison
Briar Nolet
Poppin John

Up next are the Junior Team division with Jenna Dewon serving as the mentor.

Filipino group The Vpeepz take the stage first and earned some glowing reviews from the judges and a score of 98.7 points including a perfect score of 100 from Ne-Yo.

Next up is Elektro Crew and earned 90 points to take second place on the leader board.

JDC strutted their “Girl Power” to a score of 91.3 to move into second place.

The Crazy 8’s and a score of 92.3 points to knock Elektro Crew out of the competition.

The Vpeepz have secured their spot in the next round.

The Get Down District take the stage next and a score of 88.7 which was not good enough to keep them in the competition.

The Crazy 8’s have secured their spot in the next round.

The last act on the dance floor are the Dance Town Divas and a score of 93.3 points to secure the final spot in the next round; sending JDC home.

The three acts moving on to the next round in the Junior Team division are Vpeepz, The Crazy 8’s, and Dance Town Divas.

Next week the two remaining divisions will face The Cut.