The Duel rounds conclude tonight on “World of Dance” with the Upper Team Division.

Getting the night of dance started are Fuego Dance Crew and Sudy Flamenco in a Latin battle of the sexes. Sudy Flamenco scored 89.7 points and Fuego Dance Crew scored 91 points to take the win and move on to the next round.

Unity LA chose to battle it out with Style and Grace. The girls of Style and Grace took one of Unity’s moves for their routine. Unity LA scored 97 points and Style and Grace earned 88 points. Unity LA wins the duel and moves on to the next round.

Next up were The Heima and Exiles battled it out in dance. Exiles scored 93 points and in a routine that Ne-Yo called almost perfect, scored 967 points to take the win. Exiles replaced Style and Grace in the Redemption battle.

In another battle of the sexes, Main Guys take on radiance for a duel. The Main Guys scored 89.3 and Radiance earned 93.7 points to win the duel. The Main Guys did not earn enough to earn a spot in the Redemption round. Exiles have locked in their place in the Redemption round.

The final duel of the night are between The Kings and Motiv Crew for a first versus last battle. Motiv Crew scored 90 points but in a routine that had all three judges on their feet, The Kings scored 99.3 points – including a perfect score of 100 from Ne-Yo to win the battle. Derek went up on stage to learn a dance move from the crew.

Motiv Crew replaces Sudy Flamenco to go up against Exiles in the Redemption round. Up first was Motive Crew; followed by Exiles.

The winner of the Redemption duel and the finals spot in the division is Exiles.

Next week The Cut round begins where only half of the dancers will survive.