The Battle rounds continue on “The Voice” as the coaches pair their teams down from 12 to six singers plus two steals.

First is team Adam with Karly Moreno and Celia Babini battle it out with “Friends”. Adam chose Celia Babini as the winner of the battle. As Karley was walking off of the stage, Blake pushed his button to steal Karley.

Johan chose Julian King and Denton Arnell or a battle of the Bruno Mars hit “Grenade”. John chose Julian King as the winner of the battle.

Kelly paired up Presley Tennant and Rizzi Myers for a battle of “What Do You Want fro Me?”. Kelly chose Presley Tennant as the winner of the battle.

Blake paired up Dexter Roberts and Dalton Dover for a battle of “Hurricane” by Luke Combs. Blake chose Dexter Roberts as the winner of the battle.

Adam pairs up Ciera Dumas and LB Crew for a battle of one of mentor Charlie Puth’s songs. Puth told the duo that they could do whatever they wanted with his song. Adam chose LB Crew as the winner of the battle.

Bebe Rexha chose Ciera Dumas for the Comeback Stage.

Blake paired up Kim Cherry and Kendra Checketts to battle it out to an Alessia Cara song. Blake chose Kim Cherry as the winner of the battle. Adam and John pushed their buttons to steal Kendra. Kendra chose Adam Levine to be her new coach. Adam has no more steals.

The Teams:
John Legend:

Shawn Sounds
Maelyn Jarmon
Beth Griffith-Manley – steal
Julian King

Kelly Charkson:
Matthew Johnson – steal
The Bundys
Jej Vincent
Presley Tennant

Blake Shelton:
Glyth Rigdon
Karley Moreno – steal
Dexter Roberts
Kim Cherry

Adam Levine:
Rod Stokes – steal
Domenic Haynes
Celia Babaini
LB Crew
Kendra Checketts – steal