On this third week of the duel rounds on “World of Dance” the Junior division takes to the dance floor for a chance to move on to The Cut round.

Ellie and Ava chose to battle Audrey and Mia in a duel of Contemporary dance sisters and a pair of Krumpers. Ellie and Ava scored 91.7 points and Aubrey and Mia scored 90 points giving Ellie and Ava the win.

Next up ballet dancer Kayla Mak chose to duel the duo Funanometry. Funanometry scored 91.7 points and Kayla Mak scored 91 points giving the win to Funanometry.

Aydin Eyikan chose to duel the quartet Moving 4Ward in a Contempoary dance battle. Aydin Eyikan scored 90.3 points and Moing 4Ward scored 93 points giving the quartet the win.

Julian and Charlize will duel with The Trilogy. Julian and Charlize scored 95.3 points and The Trilogy scored 90 points giving the win to Julian and Charlize. The Trilogy did not earn enough points to moe on to the Redemption round.

The final duel of the night are top scoring dancer Lauren Yakima and House of Tap who were the lowest scoring duo on the leaderboard. Lauren Yakima scored 95 points for her dance and House of Tap scored 91,3 points giving the win to Lauren Yakima.

The final two dancers in the Redemption round are Kayla Mak and House of Tap. Both acts must perform to the same song and the judges will name a winner; no points will be given.

The final act moving on to the next round is ballet dancer Kayla Mak.

Next week the final duels…