As a part of their annual meeting in Phoenix, the team owners of the National Football League have made some tweaks and changes in the rules of the game.

In the wake of a controversial call over the non-call of an interference play during the 2018 playoff season between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints, the owners voted overwhelmingly to allow all pass interference calls to be eligible for challenge and review…even the ones that were not called. Only the Cincinnati Bengals voted against the measure.

Like other challenges, coaches may do so in the first 28 minutes of each half with challenges going to the booth in the final two minutes of each half. Coaches are still allowed only two red flag challenges per game.

So far, the rule change only applies to the 2019/20 playing season.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell noted that the rule change was a good thing because it was important to get the calls right.

Citing safety of the players and noting that one third of all concussions were due to a blindside block, the NFL owners have eliminated blindside blocks.

Other rule changes for the coming season:
The kickoff rues implemented last season have become permanent.

The competition committee has expanded the protections for defenseless players