It’s week two of the duel rounds on “World of Dance”. Last week the Upper Division dancers battled it out; this week its the Junior Teams turn to strut their stuff.

Ten acts will dance for the right to occupy six spots in the next round.

First up its the Filipino group Vpeepz vs the Belgian team Battle Droids Crew. Vpeepz scored 92.7 points; the Battle Droids Crew scored 90.3 points giving the win to Vpeepz. The Battle Droids are not out yet, they have a chance to move on to the Redemption round.

Next up, the all female group Intention chose to duel with whackers Get Down District. After a huge improvement from the qualifiers, Get Down District scored 88 points. Intention scored 87 points giving the win to Get Down District.

Mkam chose to due Elektro Crew. During rehearsals one of the members of Mkam fell and broke his foot and will be unable to perform in the duel. Mkam earned 90.7 points and Elektro Crew earned 91.0 giving them the duel. Mkam has earned their spot in the Redemption round and eliminated Intention.

Dance Town Divas take on JDC for a duel. Dance Town Divas earned 95 points. After bringing the judges to their feet, JDC scored 96 points after getting a 98 from Ne-Yo. The Dance Town Divas move on to the Redemption round and sent the Battle Droids Crew home.

In the final duel of the division, top scoring crew The Crazy 8’s chose to battle the lowest scoring crew West Springfield Dance. West Springfield Dance’s scary clown routine earned 89.3 points. After a routine that shocked Derek, The Crazy 8’s scored 93.3 points to win the duel.

The final battle is the Redemption round with Mkam and Dance Town Divas. IN the redemption round the teams perform to the same song and the winner is chosen by the judges…no points.

After bringing the judges to their feet, the final team moving on the the next round is Dance Town Divas!

Next week the Duels continue…