On March 20 the Strong Museum and the World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester New York revealed the 12 finalists for induction into the Hall of Fame in May.

Games are nominated based on their impact on popular culture and gaming itself. The longevity of the game is also a consideration in the induction process.

The nominees range from pioneers in the field to newcomers that have dominated the download gaming industry.

From the thousands of video games that were nominated; Candy Crush, Centipede, Colossal Cave Adventure, Dance Dance Revolution, Half-Life, Microsoft Windows Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, Myst, NBA 2K, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Super Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. Melee were chosen for possible induction.

Meet the World Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees:

Candy Crush.jpg

Newcomer to the video gaming world is the free mobile gaming phenomenon Candy Crush which has totaled some three billion downloads around the world and has 300 million active players at its peak.

Centipede (arcade).jpg

One of the early arcade games Centipede has challenged the eye / hand co-ordination of millions of players as they tried to blast a zig-zagging centipede around the screen. Centipede has the distinction of having one of the only female programmers in the field – Dona Bailey – of the time in 1981.

Colossal Adventure

Created during the “dark ages” of the computer industry in 1976, Colossal Cave Adventure is a text based game of interactive fantasy. The game became a pioneer for generations of fantasy games to come.

Dance Dance Revolution (flyer)

Dance Dance Revolution got a generation of gamers moving in 1998 when it challenged players to test not only their dance skills but their balance and dexterity; similar to the popular board…floor…game of Twister generations before. Dance became the forerunner of the popular music games Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


Also created in 1998, Half-Life is a shooting game that resembles the obstacle courses run by law enforcement and military personnel. The games that followed have greatly enhanced the graphics and options of play.

Windows Solitaire

This centuries old card game made its debut in 1991 with the release of Windows 3.0. Since it debut, the game of Microsoft Windows Solitaire has appeared on over a billion computers and played by millions of computer owners looking to waste a little time…constructively.

Mortal Kombat (arcade)

The fighting game Mortal Kombat is known for its cutting edge graphics of he time in 1992. The controversial game was the subject of Congressional hearings and spawned the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 1994. The game has sparked the generation of action figures and Hollywood movies.


Harnessing the new technology of the CD-ROM, Myst offered a world of mysterious puzzles and was one of the biggest selling games in the nineties.


The global sports phenomenon NBA 2K makes a basketball star of anyone from the comfort of their own homes. Millions of sport star wannabes and B-ball stars have played this game since it debuted in 1999.

Sid Meier's Civilization

Released in 1991, the simulation game Civilization by Sid Meier. Players were challenged to create their own empires that spanned centuries. Since the original game release, there have been numerous other versions.

Super Mario Kart

The franchise Mario Brothers launched a racing game called Super Mario Kart and has gone on to be the longest racing series in the history of gaming.

Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Brothers released the fighting game Melee. The game encouraged multi player participation. It also inspired numerous sequels.

From now to March 28 fans can go to worldvideogamehalloffame.org and cast their votes for the games they want to see become a part of the Video Game Hall of Fame. The fan votes will be tabulated and added as a single ballot. The new inductees will be announced on May 2. The new inductees will join the other 19 inductees on display on the second floor of The Strong Museum.


photos courtesy of The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York