It’s season three for “World of Dance” and this year they have upped theirgame with a new host – Scott Evans – and tougher scores.

In the first two seasons the dancers had to score at least 80 points to move on to the next round. This season, theminimum score is up to 85 points.

The Indian dance group The Kings kicked off season three with some death defying moves that had Derek and Jennifer throwing their shoes. The Kings scored 97.7 points for their dance.

Of the 16 acts to perorm on the premeiere of “World of Dance” five of them scored over 90 points; while two of them failed to meet the minimum 85 points.

Along with The Kings, the Vancouver Island duo of Fnkanometry with 87.3 points, The Crazy 8’s with 93 points, Jonathan y Jorge – who got a little dance time with Derek – with 88.7 points, Julian and Charlize with 87 points, Korea’s The Heima with 93.7 points, West Springfield Dance with 85 points, sisters Ellie and Ava with 92.3 points, Italian tap dancers the D’Angelo Brothers with 87.3 points, Lauren Yakaima with 95.7 points, and the Elektro Crew with 86.3 points will all be a part of the battle rounds.

Erica and Aidan, the Minibots from Vancouver, and Mya Walters all failed to earn enough points to move on.