As a part of the new rules and penalties for infractions NASCAR has amended the ruling in regards to the number of times a team can fail pre-qualifying inspection before a penalty is assessed.

Last season any team that failed the inspection process three times would have their car chief ejected from the pits and garage – the car chief could remain at ghe track but was not I

I This year a team is allowed only two attempts to pass inspections before the ejection takes place.

When the teams went through the pre-qualifying process on Friday (Feb 22) two teams failed to pass inspection in the time allotted.

The front row motorsports number 36 car driven by Matt Tifft and the Rick Ware Racing number 52 driven by BJ McLeod both failed inspection multiple times and have lost their car chiefs for the remainder of the racing weekend.

Matt Tifft’s car chief Brandon Lee and BJ McLeod’s car chief Mike Chance will not be a part of the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 in Atlanta.