This week on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” the five remaining couples are taking a ride on a time machine as they perform dances from different eras from the 1920’s to the future.

Miles and Rylee get the night started off with a 1950’s Jive to “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Hailey and the Comets. Calling it an incredible Jive, Jordan noted that’s how you kick off the night. Saying that she loves that Miles came to compete and win, Mandy said that the dance had great Jive content and side by side synchronization; adding that they set the bar high. Adam said that Miles seized the moment and did n excellent job. Val said that Miles has so much soul, and you can’t teach that; adding that Miles was born to dance and Rylee owned it. Miles and Rylee scored 28 points for their dance.

Mackenzie and Sage performed a 1980’s Jazz dance to the Carly Rae Jepson hit “Call Me Maybe” that included using corded phones in the beginning. While Adam thought that the dance was amazing; Adam said that Mackenzie is giving 100 percent but isn’t letting go. Agreeing with Adam, Val called Mackenzie an amazing dancer; adding that he is just waiting for “the moment”. Noting that the dance had great Jazz content, Mandy called it a very strong performance. Mackenzie and Sage scored 26 points for their dance.

Mandla and Brightyn performed a futuristic Paso Doble that Jordan called amazing; adding that it felt like a movie trailer. Val noted that Mandla had his moments but felt like the dance missed the feeling of triumph. After reminding everyone that Mandla came into the competition with no previous dance experience, Mandy loved Mandla’s compassion, the character in the dance, and the shaping. Adam said that what Mandla has done in this competition is incredible; adding that he has attacked and delivered every challenge. Mandla and Brightyn scored 24 points for their dance.

Ariana and Artyon performed a 1940’s Hollywood Quickstep. Saying that Ariana was stunning, Mandy called the performance very good. Calling Ariana a performer, Adam noted that Ariana has come so far in the competition; adding that she was on time with the dance. Calling Ariana a little Hollywood starlet, Val said that they had a great frame and danced a great Quickstep. Ariana and Artyon scored 27 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night, Sky and JT dances a 1920’s Charleston. Calling the dance so good, Jordan said that they took the way back. Noting that what Sky has done all season is incredible, Adam called Sky a role model. Saying that he believes in Sky, Val said that Sky belongs on the dance floor and he is glad the show found her; adding that she has IT. Sayung that she loves the Charleston, Mandy thought the dance was great but cautioned Sky on watching the beat. Sky and JT scored 27 points for their dance.

Time Machine scores:
Mandla and Brightyn – 24
Mackenzie and Sage – 26
Ariana and Artyon – 27
Sky and JT – 27
Miles and Rylee – 28

Prior to announcing the results for this week, Jordan told the dancers that they have outdone themselves with their talent and sportsmanship. Frankie added that they were all proud of them.

This week the couple going home is Mandla and Brightyn.

Next week is the semi finals on DWTS: Juniors and the remaining four couples will have to perform two dances including the team dance.