After a very controversial double elimination in the semi finals on “Dancing with the Stars”, it all comes to an end in a two hour grand finale that features the ever popular Freestyle dances.

The festivities begin with a dancing parade complete with floats and bands down the red brick the eastern and central time zones only.

Last chance live online voting was available to viewers

The four finalists will have to perform two dances tonight – their most memorable dance and the Freestyle.

Alexis and Alan get the dancing started with their “Swan Lake” Argentine Tango. Tom called it a beautiful way to start the night; adding that Alexis did a lovely job. Saying that they pulled off a fantastic dance, Len noted that overall Alexis was consistently good all season. Saying that Alexis had the poise of a “Black Swan”, Bruno said that Alexis has found herself and the connection worked. Carrie Ann said that Alexis has become so expressive; adding that they did a poetically beautiful dance. The first time they performed the dance, Alexis and Alan scored 25 points; this time around, they scored 27 points.

Bobby and Sharna chose the trio week MC Hammer Cha Cha as their most memorable dance. This time around Bobby and Sharna had a lot of help on the dance floor. Host Tom Bergeron said that it was such fun to watch Bobby having fun. Digging it, Bruno said that Bobby honestly has fun no matter what he does. Carrie Ann said that Bobby is proof that hard work and dedication pays off; adding she loves the way he dances. Saying that Bobby put the Ham in Hammer, Len noted that Bobby had so much fun out there. The first time around Bobby and Sharna scored 20 points but this time they got a 24.

The lady pro dancers took the stage for a performance.

Country music stars Dan + Shay performed their hit song “Speechless” while Sharna and Artem danced.

Joe and Jenna were joined by Val and some “Bachelor” alumni for a Salsa performance to the Right Said Fred hit “Too Sexy”.

Evanna and Keo chose their Halloween night Tango to “Disturbia”. The first time around the couple earned the near perfect score of 29 points. After congratulating Keo for doing such a great job, Carrie Ann called Evanna the most improved dancer; adding that the dance was better this time around. Len noted that last time he challenged Evanna to work on her posture and frame. This time he said that the mission was accomplished. Saying that he loved to see Evanna growing, Bruno called Evanna a leading girl. This time Evanna and Keo earned a perfect score for their dance.

The pro guys took of their shirts for a performance that included DeMarcus Ware.

Milo and Witney closed out round one with performance of the week two New York City subway Charleston but this time they danced to a live performance by Robin Thicke. Saying that it means so much that Robin was there, Tom revealed that Robin is one of the people who lost his home to the California fires. Noting that Milo is only 17, Len said that Milo came out with so much confidence and maturity. Saying that he didn’t like the Charleston as much the first time because it lacked the Charleston swivel, Len said that this time it was 100 percent on the money. Bruno said that the dance was even more exciting, sharper than ever and had attention to detail with incredible musicality. Len said that Milo was destined for greater things. Carrie Ann called the performance ridiculously amazing; adding that she thinks Milo is the one to beat. The first time Milo and Witney scored 26 points for their dance; this time they earned a perfect score of 30.

Most Memorable Dance scores:
Bobby and Sharna – 24
Alexis and Alan – 27
Evanna and Keo – 30
Milo and Witney – 30

The pros take the dance floor for a performance.

Each year after the season, the pro dancers make a tour around the United States and are accompanied by one or two of the stars. This year nearly half of the season 27 stars will be a part of the tour – Bobby, Joe, John, Milo, Juan Pablo, and Mary Lou.

After the shocking elimination of the one couple with the highest season scores ad five perfect dances – Juan Pablo and Cheryl return to the dance floor for an encore performance of their steamy Argentine Tango.

Tinashe and Brandon returns with some of the pro guys but this time Tinashe sings “Fever”.

Alexis and Alan begin the Freestyle round to a live performance of “Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne. Tom said that they did a beautiful job. Len noted that the dance was full of drama to a powerful song; adding that the dance had strength and was dramatic with musicality. Noting that they took a big risk, Bruno said that they aimed very high and were on top of it all the way through the dance. After a bit of a shaky start, Carrie Ann noted that Alexis did her best dancing after they hit the dance floor. As with all Freestyle dancers, Alexis and Alan earned a perfect score for their dance.

John Schneider returns to the Ballroom but this time to sing his song “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” while newlyweds Emma and Sasha danced.

Bobby and Sharna performed a Freestyle that encapsulated all of their dances from the season. Bruno said that it was the perfect Freestyle for a free spirit; adding that Sharna did a stunning job with the choreography. A confused Carrie Ann noted that there was so much in the dance. Len noted that Bobby has not always been the judge’s champion but he has always been the people’s champion. Tom noted that Bobby’s energy has been infectious all season. Bobby and Sharna earned his first 10’s with a perfect score of 30.

Milo and Witney performed a Freestyle to “Ain’t No Sunshine” that included umbrellas and the duo dancing in some water. At the end of the dance, Carrie Ann had a shocked look on her face. Saying that he mind is blown, Carrie Ann noted that there has never been a Freestyle with so much content. Len loved the mix in the dance; noting that it was full of control and drama and the two dancers were brilliant. Calling Milo a star, Bruno said that the dance had versatility and incredible quality of movement. Milo and Witney also earned a perfect score.

For the final dance of the season, Evanna and Keo gave a performance that Tom noted was the way to finish the season. Noting that it was a fantastic evening, Len called their performance the cherry on the cake. Bruno called the dance bright, colourful and quirky that put Evanna at the center of attention and let her shine; adding that Evanna was the leading lady. Saying that they did such a great job, Carrie Ann said that she wants to see it over and over again. Evanna and Keo finished out the night with a perfect score.

Freestyle scores:
Alexis and Alan – 30
Bobby and Sharna – 30
Milo and Witney – 30
Evanna and Keo – 30

Total scores:
Bobby and Sharna – 24 + 30 = 54
Alexis and Alan – 27 + 30 = 57
Evanna and Keo – 30 + 30 = 60
Milo and Witney – 30 + 30 = 60

While the final votes were being tallied, Lauren Daigle performed “You Say”.

In the last results of the season, Tom Bergeron named Bobby and Sharna as the winners of the Mirrorball Trophy.