On this Sunday before Thanksgiving the dancers of “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” “Give Thanks” with their dances.

Ariana ad Artyon get the night of dancing and thanks with a dedication Salsa to her her parents. Her mom and grandparents surprise Ariana during rehearsals. Host Jordan Fisher called it an amazing Salsa. Mandy said that she was grateful for that Salsa; adding that she loved that it was a complex dance. Agreeing with Mandy, Adam called the performance great. Val called it an authentic and spicy Salsa. Ariana and Artyon scored 27 points for their dance.

Wearing a tuxedo, Mandla and Brightyn danced a Foxtrot to Mandla’s favourite song by his Dad – “Isn’t She Lovely”. Stevie himself performed the song live as his son danced. Jordan said that the dance was beautiful and an amazing memory for Mandla. After thanking Stevie for the performance, Val said that Mandla owned the dance. Stevie said that it looked good to him. Saying that she loved the number, Many said that she watched a beautiful couple dance around the floor. Mandla and Brightyn scored 27 points for their dance.

Akash and Kamri danced a Bollywood themed Jazz dance dedicated to his family to his parents favourite song “Jai Ho”. The family made a visit to rehearsals during the week. Val called it Akash’s best dance of the season; adding that there were so many things gong on and so many elements in the dance. Agreeing with Val, Mandy noted that there was a lot of brain work happening with the dance. Saying that Akash should be very proud of himself, Adam noted that Akash did a lot of work this week and put on his best dance so far. Earning his highest score of the season, Akash and Kari scored 23 points for their dance.

Miles and Rylee danced a Foxtrot to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” for his family. Miles’ parents made a visit to rehearsals. Miles and Rylee had some flower props in the dance. After the dance, he gave them to Mandy. Saying that she is in love, Mandy noted that there was some really beautiful dynamics in the dance and a genuine sense of joy in the dance. Adam said that Miles is killing it in the competition this season; adding that it took a lot of skill and control to perform the dance. Calling it one of his best dances all season, Val said that Miles danced big and with technique. Miles and Rylee scored 26 points for their dance.

Sky and JT danced a Foxtrot for her family who traveled all the way from Japan to see her dance. An impressed Adam said that their dance is what the show is all about. Val noted that the world has fallen in love with dance because of dances like that one; adding that it was exceptional. After saying that Sky looked stunning, Mandy called it an excellent performance and gave props to mentor Alan for his coaching. Earning the highest score of the season, Sky and JT scored a near perfect 29 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night, Mackenie and Sage dance a Samba to “Cheap Thrills” dedicated to big sister Maddie. Maddie was in the music video for the song. Maddie also took to the dance floor to join Madkenzie and Sage in the dance. Jordan said that it was an amazing and incredible Samba. Val said that Mackenzie killed that and Maddie was awesome. Saying that it was a treat to see Maddie, Mandy said that Mackenzie did a great job. Wanting to know how he could become the third Ziegler sister, Adam said that it was a great way to celebrate the relationship between the sisters. Mackenzie nd Sage scored 27 points for their dance.

Giving Thanks scores:
Akash and Kamri – 23
Miles and Rylee – 26
Ariana and Artyon – 27
Manda and Brightyn – 27
Mackenzie and Sage – 27
Sky and JT – 29

After the audience votes and judges scores were added together, Jordan named Akash and Kamri as the couple going home this week. Akash thanked everyone and noted that he was going home with some lifelong memories.

Next week the five remaining couples will enter a time zone with their dances.