The post Baseball season awards continue with the Wilson Defensive Awards that are presented to players for their prowess in the field.

Defensive Team of the Year: the Arizona Diamondbacks earned their second award
Defensive Pitcher of the Year: Arizona Diamondbacks Zack Greinke earned his second award
Defensive Catcher of the Year: Seattle Mariners Mike Zunino earned his first award
Defensive First Baseman of the Year: Atlanta Braves Freddie Freeman earned his first award
Defensive Second Baseman of the Year: Colorado Rockies DJ LeMahieu earned his third award
Defensive third Baseman of the Year: Oakland Athletics Matt Chapman earns his first award
Defensive Shortstop of the Year: Los Angeles Angels Andrelton Simmons earned his fifth award
Defensive Left Fielder of the Year: Kansas City Royals Alex Gordon earns his third award
Defensive Center Fielder of the Year: Tampa Bay Rays Kevin Kiermaier earns his second award
Defensive Right Fielder of the Year: Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts earns his second award