The Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, New York kicked off November with a musical event spanning both sides of the border when the Rochester band The Demos and the Canadian trio James Blonde performed on November 2.

five piece band The Demos opened the night of music with a set of original music. With the stage filled with keyboards, guitars, and drums; the band performed “Veronica”, “I Don’t Mind”, “Only Want the World”, “Clearly”, “Bobby Pins”, “Meet at Nite”, “Lonesome No More”, “Nervous”, “If You Only Knew”, “Make it Better”, “My City”, and “Better” to an enthusiastic crowd who clamoured for more after the final song.

The trio James Blonde originally called the sister city of Niagara Falls, Ontario home. Drummer Phil noted that no one in the band is named James, nor do any of the guys in the band blonde headed. So why choose James Blonde for a band name? Because, they like the name.

The guys shared the lead vocal duties and often harmonized on the tunes. Bass player Neil did more than just off a beat, he also contributed to the melodies. It was Phil on the drums who held it all down.

For the first set the guys performed original music including “Don’t Lock the Door”, “Heartbreak”, “Take the Love”, “Cynical”, “Hopeless romantic”, “Sea of Hearts”, “Golden Vibes”, “Indecision”, “Not This Time”, and “We Are One”.

For their second set, the guys performed what they called the post Halloween After Party and featured cover tunes including music from MGMT, The Darkness, AC/DC, the Backstreet Boys, and Walk the Moon.

As Fall settles in over western New York, The Demos and James Blonde provided an enjoyable and entertaining distraction from the chilly temperatures and cloud filled skies outside.