As week three of the Blind Auditions begin on “The Voice” all four coaches have seven artists on their teams and Jennifer is the only coach with a block remaining. As the coaches continue to build their teams, there were a lot of single chair turns during the night.

For the first time in many years, a duo comes to “The Voice” with OneUp. Jerome and Adam are not just a singing duo but a duo in life. They met when they were cast as love interests in a music video and made the video come true. This is their first time performing on stage. Their performance of “Could it Be I’m Falling in Love” got Blake, Jennifer, and Kelly to turn their chairs. Jennifer said that their voices took her to the rafters. After the families made a lot of noise backstage, they were brought out on the stage and Jennifer said that she wanted to be a part of the family and went up to hug them. Adam noted that Blake did the most amazing work with a duo – the Swon Brothers. Speaking on their togetherness, Kelly called it a beautiful thing; adding that it was proof love is limitless. Blake noted that he has had the most success with duos in the history of “The Voice”. After saying the family has spoken…and weren’t much help, the guys chose Kelly to be their coach. Kelly said that it blew her mind.

Professional Nashville musician chose the Heart hit “Barracuda” for her audition and got Adam to turn his chair quickly; Jennifer followed near the end of the song. Saying that Natalie can sing, Jennifer said that she wanted to hear more of what Natalie could do. Jennifer said that Natalie could sing the clouds out of heaven. Adam called it a four chair turn and said shame of Blake and Kelly for not turning. Calling Natalie a phenomenal singer, Adam said that the rock community needs her. Admitting that Natalie is out of his lane, Blake said that Natalie is awesome. Natalie chose Adam to be her coach.

Hannah Blaylock comes from a musical family and was in a Country band that toured with Blake. After failing to turn any chairs, Blake recognized Hannah after turning around. Blake noted that he already has similar artists on his team. Kelly said that Hannah has a beautiful voice but was waiting for that one thing.

Former high school football star Mike Parker lost all of his scholarships due to bad grades; now a construction worker, he is looking to turn things around with his music. Mike had to wait until the last note of the song before Jennifer turned her chair. Jennifer said that she loved how Mike didn’t give up. Kelly said that Mike has a great solo voice.

Joey Green is a touring musician who is also a T-shirt screen printer. Choosing to sing music of The Who, Joey had to wait a while before Blake and Jennifer turned their chairs. Saying that the style is not in her lane, Jennifer pointed out that the show is called “The Voice” and Joey’s voice deserves to be on the stage. Blake said that Joey is in his lane; adding that there is range and raspness in Joey’s voice. Adam said that Joey had a cool voice. Joey chose Blake to be his coach.

A first generation Haitian-American, Zaxai sings in several languages and in a few bands. Jennifer pushed her button early but when Kelly tried turning her chair, he learned that Jennifer used her block on Kelly. Zaxai revealed that while ushering at Radio City Music Hall, he was kicked in the head by Kelly. Kelly apologized and gave Zaxai a hut. Jennifer said that Zaxai has a beautiful voice that is nice and soulful.

Latina Erika Zade is the daughter of a classical guitarist. Kelly was the only coach to turn her chair. Adam said that Erika has an incredible voice and could have a hit on the radio tomorrow, but feels that her voice may be a bit too precise. Jennifer said that Erika has a unique voice with depth and range. Erika revealed that she met Blake years ago and when she handed him a demo CD Blake signed it and gave it away. Saying that she loved the song and Erika was in key the whole time, Kelly continued to babble on and Adam blew an air horn.

Dr. Jarred Matthew is an astro-physicist by day and a musician by night. Saying that music makes him happy, Jarred chose an Al Green song for his audition. After Adam and Blake both pushed their buttons, Jared kept saying yes. Blake said that the excitement in Jarred’s voice was contagious. Adam said that loved what he was hearing; adding that Jarred needs help with his falsetto. Adam said that he would help Jarred with the falsetto and Jarred could teach him physics. Saying that it was a really tough choice, Jarred chose Adam to be his coach.

Music school student Sam Robbins plays around 200 gigs each year but he failed to turn any chairs with his rendition of Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. Kelly loved his tone but wanted to hear more in the upper register. Adam said that Sam had a gorgeous voice; adding that the song was a tough one because it was so mellow. Adam called Sam a talented guy with a stunning voice. Jennifer said that she was waiting to hear some movement but told Sam to come back. Kelsea Ballerini chose Sam to be a part of her Comeback Stage, giving Sam another chance.

Saying that music makes him happy, Colton Smith said that he would love to work with Jennifer because she is a Diva. Jennifer was the only coach to turn her chair for Colton. Adam liked Colton’s vibe, saying that it was trippy. Jennifer said that Colton gave her life with his voice; adding that she could sense he has a lot of character.

When not making music, Kayley Hill likes using her tools to make things. Blake was the only coach to turn his chair. Kelly noted that she should have turned around. Adam called Blake a lovable Sasquatch.

The final audition of the night was from Country music singer Kirk Jay who chose the Rascal Flatts song “God Bless the Broken Road” for his audition. In the only four chair turn of the night, Blake led the way with Adam following; Kelly and Jennifer pushed their buttons at the same time near the end of the song. Adam said that Kirk was like if Blake and Cee Lo Green had a baby; adding that he wants to see Kirk on Blake’s team. In her endless babble, Kelly asked Kirk what kind of record he wants to make. Kirk responded by saying that he is Country till he dies. When Jennifer asked Kirk why he chose that song, Kirk said that it was the first Country song he heard. When asked who he wanted to be his coach, Kirk said that it was definitely Blake.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo
Anthony Arva
Reagan Strange
Natalie Brady
Jarred Matthew

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee
Dave Fenley
Rachel Messer
Chris Kroeze
Joey Green
Kayley Hill
Kirk Jay

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West
Audri Barthalomew
Natasha Greycloud
McKenzie Thomas
Mike Parker
Colton Smith

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean
Chevel Shepherd
Delaney Silvernell
Kimberli Joye

Erika Zade