It’ the Most Memorable Year Night on “Dancing with the Stars” where the starts will relive memorable events from their lives. This night always brings powerful emotions to the Ballroom.

Mary Lou and Sasha get the emotions…and the dancing…started off with a Viennese Waltz to “We Are the Champions”. Mary Lou chose 1984 – the year she brought Olympic gold to US women’s gymnastics – as her most memorable year. Mary Lou revealed that just six weeks before her perfect performance at the Olympics, Mary Lou had to have major knee surgery and was told she wouldn’t be ready…she proved them wrong. There were photos of Mary Lou at the Olympics on the floor as she danced. Mary Lou noted that while at the Olympics you just do it and it took her years to appreciate what she had done. Saying the Mary Lou epitomizes the athletic spirit, Len said that she has so much determination; adding that the dance had fluidity of movement and was a lovely performance. Bruno said that nothing can keep Mary Lou down; adding that he saw the determination…and improvement in her dancing this week. Already getting emotional, Carrie Ann was deeply moved by the performance; adding that she did see a bit of a struggle in the beginning of the dance but also saw improvement. Mary Lou and Sasha scored 24 points for their dance.

This season’s youngest star, 17 year old Milo chose 2018 as him most memorable year. He and Witney perform a Jive to celebrate Milo’s movie debut, appearance on DWTS, and his final year of high school. Milo said that he feels like the luckiest 17 year old in the world. Part of the dance had Milo dancing solo on top of the judge’s table and then doing a back flip of the table. Host Tom Bergeron noted that Milo must be exhausted. Saying that Milo graduated with honours, Bruno called the performance fantastic; adding that he had strength and elasticity. Carrie Ann said that the dance was really clean, tight, and energetic; but warned Milo to watch the zombie arm. Len said that he saw a whole different side of Milo when he danced on the table; adding that it was clean and a terrific Jive. During rehearsals Milo injured his hamstring. Milo and Witney scored 27 points for their Jive.

Nancy and Val danced a Rumba to a live performance from Lucas Graham of his song “Love Somebody”. Nancy chose 2006 as her most memorable year – the year she said her family became complete. Val told Nancy that they were going to put a dance together that would embody the love Nancy has for her family. Tom said that they did a great job. Calling the dance beautiful, Carrie Ann said that there is a joy that comes out of Nancy every time she dances…and it is the love of her family. Saying that the only important thing in this world is family, Len said that the dance had a charm about it but needed more hip action. Len congratulated Val on his judging duties on DWTS: Juniors Sunday night. Calling it a great performance, Bruno said that the dance was portrayed with such warmth and comfort; adding that the turns were much improved. Nancy and Val scored 22 points for their dance.

Next week DWTS will bring back the trio dances. This season the trio dances will feature DWTS alumni. Maddie Ziegler returns to the Ballroom to announce that should Alexis and Alan survive this week’s competition, she will be dancing with them in the trio dance.

Alexis and Alan performed a Contemporary dance for 2014 – the year her mom died from cancer. Alexis dedicated the dance to her mom; saying that DWTS was her favourite show. Tom said that she did a beautiful job. Saying that dancing never disappoints, Len said that Alexis had a great performance level and musicality. Saying that Alexis has a guardian angel, Bruno said that Alexis danced like an angel with deep emotion and beautiful movement. Carrie Ann said that Alexis gave them all a beautiful gift; adding that it was an elegant poetic legacy. Co-host Erin Andrews said that it was amazing Alexis got through the dance. Alexis and Alan scored 26 points for their dance.

Evanna Lynch chose 2006 as her most memorable year – the year she got her role in the “Harry Potter” films. Evanna and Keo danced a Viennese Waltz to the theme from “Harry Potter’. Tom told Keo that the choregraphy was beautifully done. Saying that the magic is stronger than ever, Bruno said that Evanna had them all under her spell; adding that Evanna has some wonderful nuances in the dance. Saying that Evanna’s performances have grown, Carrie Ann said that Evanna drew them in; adding that the dance had so many dimensions and was beautifully well rounded. Len said that the dance was full of gusto, powerful, and maintained the elegance; adding that it was a magical performance. Evanna and Keo scored 27 points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna performed a Viennese Waltz to a live performance by Callum Scott and Leona Lewis. Joe chose 2018 as his most memorable year because it is the year he met his girlfriend Kendall…and found love. Saying that it is hard to judge him, Carrie Ann said that she saw Joe trying; adding that he did stay on tempo and didn’t miss a beat. Len called Joe a work in progress but noted he could see a more confident Joe. Len noted that he wanted to see more Viennese Waltz content. Acknowledging the amazing vocals, Bruno said that they got Joe moving; adding that Joe needs to work on the quality of his dance. Joe and Jenna scored 18 points for their dance.

Lucas Graham returns to the dance floor for a performance while Jenna and Val dance.

Juan Pablo chose 1999 as his most memorable year – the year he left Beunos Aires for Los Angels to become an entertainer. Juan Pablo and Cheryl danced a Samba that brought rousing cheers from the audience. Noting that there were so many elements to the dance, Len simply stood and clapped. Noting that he has been on the show for 27 seasons, Bruno called it one of the best Sambas he has ever seen. Carrie Ann said that the Samba was off the charts. Earning the first 10 of the season Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned the first perfect score of 30 for season 27.

John and Emma dance an emotion filled Waltz to “Smile” that saw John go to his girlfriend Alicia at the end of the dance and had Tom saying was beautifully done. John chose 2016 as his most memorable year. It was the year that John lost everything to a storm and brought the death of his mother. Bruno called the dance so charming and heartfelt; adding that John showed himself and it was very moving. A touched Carrie Ann said that John expressed all of his love but needs to work on his posture. Len liked the sentiment of the dance; saying that there was an elegance about John. Noting that the music was tricky for a Waltz, Len said that kept on time. John and Emma scored 21 points for their dance.

Bobby and Sharna performed a Contemporary dance to “A Million Dreams” from the film “Greatest Showman”. Bobby chose 1998 as his most memorable year – the year he became the first member of his family to graduate from high school. Usually jumping around the Ballroom after a dance, Bobby was very emotional at the end. Tom noted that there is more people in the Ballroom than there were in Bobby’s home town. Noting that every once in a while you see magical moments on the dance floor, Carrie Ann said that she saw that magic in Bobby’s routine. Len called it Bobby’s best dance. Bruno said that the routine had superb storytelling; adding that Contemporary suits Bobby’s body. Moving out of the teens for scores, Bobby and Sharna earned 23 points for their dance.

Tinashe and Brandon danced a Rumba to an unplugged version of one of Tinashe’s own songs. Choosing 2014 as her most memorable year – the year she released her first album, Tinashe dances to her first single. Her parents made a visit to the rehearsal this week. Tom said that the dance was beautifully done. Len noted that the dance had some recognizable Rumba steps and a modern edge to it; adding that it was her best dance for him. Saying that Tinashe knows how to work it, Bruno said that she captured the tonality of the dance; adding that the dance was sensual but elegant with liquid fluidity. Carrie Ann said that she had the sense Tinashe was unstoppable and there was so much more to her. Tinashe and Brandon earned 27 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night, DeMarcus chose 2016 as his most memorable year. DeMarcus and Lindsay performed an Argentine Tango with some jaw dropping lifts to commemorate the year he won the Super Bowl. DeMarcus’ two children were a part of the dance at the end. Tom asked how about those lifts? Saying that it was an almost super human display of strength, Bruno called the lifts in the dance mind blowing; adding that DeMarcus has lost none of his light touch. Noting tht it was not a typical Argentine Tango, Carrie Ann said that the dance had intensity, passion, and power. Len thought that the lifts were great; as was the dancing. Len noted that on a whole the evening had a lot of poignant moments. DeMarcus and Lindsay scored 26 points for their dance.

Most Memorable Year scores:
Joe and Jenna – 18
John and Emma – 21
Nancy and Val – 22
Bobby and Sharna – 23
Mary Lou and Sasha – 24
Alexis and Alan – 26
DeMarcus and Lindsay – 26
Milo and Witney – 27
Evanna and Keo – 27
Tinashe and Brandon – 27
Juan Pablo and Cheryl – 30

In this week’s results…

Nancy and Val and Tinashe and Brandon are the two couples in jeopardy with the remainder of the couples safe for another week.

Tom named Nancy and Val as the couple going home this week.