Making a move of any kind is always a big deal, especially when it involves moving to a new country half way around the world.

For the past two years Israeli native Snir Yamin has been mired in the paperwork of immigration, visas, and green cards.

With it all over but the waiting, Snir has once again turned his focus back to the music. Armed with a new recording contract with the Indie label Red Media Records, Snir has been in the studio recording songs for a new album.

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Due out in the latter part of November, the self titled album will feature 12 original songs.

In a recent interview, Snir noted that making music in America is much different from recording music in Israel. In Israel the mixing of the music is more subdued and balanced; whereas, in the U.S. the mixing of the music is heavy on vocals and beats. Ever the perfectionist, Snir says that his new recordings are perfectly imperfect. He also notes that while recording the album, he is learning a great deal.

The first single – “Down the Line” – was released at midnight on September 21 but it was released at midnight in each time zone and Snir was very excited to discover that his song was ranked number three on the iTunes chart in Israel.

Putting the finishing touches on the new album, Snir and Red Media Records has planned for a second single to be released in mid October.

Calling himself a songwriter who sings and plays guitar, Snir has traded in his acoustic guitar in for an electric one on his first full length album. Snir said that he also plays some piano on the new album.

While he is the executive producer on the album, Snir admits that he is not comfortable with listening to himself singing: adding that he hears all the flaws in his voice, but those flaws are a part of what makes Snir Yamin the artist he is.

“Down the Line” is now available on all digital music formats.


photos courtesy of Snir Yamin and Red Media Records