From the time the awards were created over 90 years ago, the Oscar winners were determined by members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Last month that Academy announced that they were going to add a new award to the list – the Most Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film – that would be voted on by the fans.

After the announcement of the new award, the Academy received numerous complaints about the new addition.

As a result of those complaints the Academy had decided to put the new award on hold. The Academy stated that it was putting the plans on an indefinite hold because the idea, “merits further study.”

The Academy chose to add the new category after viewership was at an all time low for the 90th awards ceremonies in February. But the decision has been met with widespread criticism including confusion over how the rules governing the award would be handled and some feeling that a popularity award was a disservice to the Best Picture award which is based on critical acclaim.