With only 10 dancers going to the live shows, the numbers are dwindling quickly on “So You Think You Can Dance” with only eight dancers remaining in the competition.

This week the top eight perform on what host Cat Deely is calling the biggest night of the season.

But first the top eight give a group performance that that the guys tethered to the floor via elastic bands.

The performance filled night includes solos, duets, and group routines.

Up first are Jensen and Jay Jay with a Sean Cheeseman for a smooth and seductive Jazz routine to the music of Jessie J. Cat called the routine very sleazy.  Calling it a brilliant routine, Nigel said that the routine was a lot of fun and had some great stuff in it; adding that he would never have known that Jazz was not Jensen’s style. Nigel called Jensen the poster child for “So You Think You Can Dance”. Saying what a way to start the show, Vanessa noted that there was so much characterization and personality in the routine. Calling the dance hot and steamy, Twitch said that he didn’t know what the duo could not do. Mary said that they hit it just right and were amazing; adding that they can do everything.

Cole performed his solo.

Genessey and Slavik performed a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine about falling love. Mandy Moore noted that the duo walked in the door with chemistry. Saying that their connection is the sweetest and most honest thing, Vanessa called the dance honest and beautiful. Twitch loved the way they dived into the routine. Mary said that she couldn’t believe that they thought they were under the radar; adding that they are the most surprising couple.

Hannahlei performed her solo.

Magda and Darius performed a Phoenix and Pharside Hip-Hop routine. Twitch noted that there was a lot of energy on the stage but the execution was not great. Mary said that it felt like Magda was fighting for every step but Darius was in the pocket. Nigel noted that out of her comfort zone, Magda’s performance didn’t really work. Vanessa agreed with her fellow judges.

Jay Jay and Slavik performed their solos.

Hannahlei and Cole performed a Travis Wall Broadway routine to “Get Happy” by Judy Garland that bought some rousing applause and screams from the audience. While he used to dance Broadway, this is the first time that Travis has choreographed a Broadway routine.

Mary said that Travis was messing with her emotions; adding that the routine made her happy. Mary called both dancers a star. Nigel said that Cole played it brilliantly; adding it is the best he has done. Nigel noted that Hannahlei can do anything. Vanessa said that Hannahei was literal sunshine and Cole played it very well. Twitch called it one of the most honest performances; adding that Hannahlei lights up the stage.

Magda performed her solo.

Genessey and Slavik performed a Ray Leeper Jazz routine that gave new meaning to house cleaning. Cat said that was the way to clean up. Calling it a great Ray Leeper routine, Nigel said that it was a great concept and a fabulous dance; adding that both dancers worked very hard. Noting that the were committed, Vanessa said that the dance was so incredible. Twitch noted that Slavik was so excited that he was a little off beat. Mary said that the routine worked.

Magda and Darius performed a Jaci Royal Contemporary routine that featured a rope prop. Cat said, oh my goodness. Calling it a beautiful routine, Vanessa said that the dance was goregeous, symbolic and meaningful. Twitch noted that it was great to see trust happening; adding that it showed they could fully commit. Mary called Magda liquid grace; adding that she was beautiful to watch. Mary noted that there were so many beautiful moments in the dance. Agreeing that there were some magic moments in the dance, Nigel felt that the concept overwhelmed the content. Nigel noted that the choreographers have a responsibility to bring out the best in every one of the dancers.

Jensen performed her solo.

Jensen and Jay Jay performed a Hip-Hop routine in the kitchen that included lots of props. They burned the dinner but nailed the dance. Saying that the dance had so much fun and energy, Twitch said that he saw some individuality in the dance. Mary said that they just kept socking it to her; adding that they were stars. Nigel simply called the routine terrific. Noting that the dance was down and dirty, Vanessa called the routine pure fire and so good.

Darius performed his solo.

The final duet of the night was from Hannahlei and Cole with a Cha Cha choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber that included moves never seen before that brought the judges to their feet. Cat noted that Hannahlei and Cole were having an incredible show. Saying that the dance was hot and dramatic May said that Cole danced his best ever. Nigel noted that it has been Cole’s show tonight. Calling the dance insane, Vanessa said that it was the sexiest Cha Cha she has ever seen. Saying that they did an awesome job, Twitch said that he was going to the gym immediately.

Genessey performed the final solo of the night.

The girls performed a group routine. Nigel said that the dance has some really interesting choreography; adding that the whole routine brought surprises. Vanessa called it a beautiful routine; adding that there was emotion piercing in their eyes. Twitch said that all of the girls were fabulous. Mary noted that they were making it difficult for the people to choose.

In the first results of the night, Jensen and Hannahlei were safe but Magda and Genessey were in the bottom and in danger of going home.

Next it was the guys turn for a group dance and brought the judges to their feet. Giving a hand to choreographer Luther Brown, Vanessa said that the guys brought the house down. Twitch called the routine amazing and incredible. Mary loved that all the guys had a moment to shine. Nigel said that Luther proved that less really is more; adding that all four of them were incredible.

In the next results, Jay Jay and Slavik were safe but Cole and Darius were in the bottom.

In the final results of the night, Nigel noted that the two dancers with the least votes and the next lowest numbers were not close. With that he said Magda and Cole were the two dancers going home this week.

Next week the All Stars return to perform with the remaining six dancers and Mia Michaels returns to choreograph a group dance.