The Four: Battle for Stardom” reaches the end of its second season with the grand finale and a new winner.

The grand finale kicks off with a group performance by “The Four”.

Shaaya J and James Graham are two of the original members of “The Four”; Whitney Reign and Leah Jenea fill out “The Four”

Diddy sends the performers some positive energy.

In round one, each member will perform with the audience deciding the best performance. The winner will get to choose who they will go head to head with in round two.

Whitney gets round one started off with a performance of “Lady Marmalade”. Calling Whitney Sassy, Meghan said that Whitney did a great job. Noting that Whitney has really grown over the season, Sean said that Whitney ate the stage up.

Up next is Leah Janea with a performance of “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper that brought rousing cheers from the audience. Sean said that when Leah first started to sing, he wasn’t sure that Leah had picked the right song; but then she made the song hers…and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. DJ Khalid simply called the performance beautiful.

Original member and Hip-Hop performer Sharaya J chose to perform “Juicy” but with her own lyrics. DJ Khalid said that it was one of his favourite songs ever and Sharaya did an amazing job with it. Sean agreed that Sharaya did a great job; adding that Sharaya is the one to beat.

The only guy in “The Four”, James Graham finished out round one with a performance of “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson that left the crowd cheering. DJ liked what James did with the song but felt that the song didn’t do anything for him; adding that he could have chosen a better song. Disagreeing with DJ 100 percent, Meghan loved it; saying that it was James’ best Michael Jackson performance yet. Sean didn’t like the song; adding that James has the talent in him but makes some bad choices.

After the audience vote, Sharaya J earned the most votes and will decide whom she wishes to challenge in the next round.

Sharaya chose to challenge Whitney Reign. Leah Janea and James Graham will go head to head in the second battle.

For the rest of the night, the judges will determine who is the winner and ultimately the champion.

Up first was Whitney with “Million Reasons”.

For her second performance Sharaya J chose to perform an original song.

The judges spoke on both performances saying…

DJ Khalid noted that in her other performances Whitney touched his bones but felt that this performance didn’t represent Whitney. Meghan noted that it was not the right song choice for Whitney; adding that Whitney is really talented. Meghan said that Sharaya entertained her and she had a good time. Sean noted that it was not one of Whitney’s best performances; adding that Sharaya gave a solid performance.

The judges chose Sharaya as the winner of the battle.

Leah Janea chose to sing “Golden” by Jill Scott for her battle against James Graham.

James chose to perform the Adele song “Hello”. Saying oh my god, Meghan noted that both singers were to good; adding that Leah smashed it and James sang like he was coming for revenge. Meghan said that she was glad that James chose the song; adding that both performances were amazing. DJ Khalid said that both performances were incredible. Sean noted that Leah’s journey is just beginning; adding that she is young and talented. Sean told James, “you did it kid;” adding that he finally broke through the wall.

James noted that he is the most nervous he has ever been all season.

Saying that the decision was very tough, Meghan announced that the winner of the battle is James.

The final battle to name the winner of season two will be between Sharaya J and James Graham.

James admitted that he is scared to have to battle Sharaya.

Season one winner Evvie McKinney returns to “The Four” stage to perform her new single “How Do You Feel?”.

DJ Khalid noted that it is going to be a difficult battle.

Sharaya J is up first with her original song “Say Less”.

In the final performance of the night, James chose to perform the Coldplay hit “Fix You”.

Saying that they both slayed it, Meghan called it the hardest decision ever; adding that they both have a place in the music industry. Saying that it is going to be a difficult decision, DJ Khalid said that he felt both performers had a true friendship. DJ congratulated them both on their performances and kept blowing his air horn. Sean said that every week Sharaya hit them with pure entertainment; adding that he would buy VIP seats to see her. Earlier Sean told James that he broke through a wall and has just broken through another wall; adding that James opened his heart and was in his zone.

Sean asked Sharaya how she was feeling and Sharaya said that on her last visit to the doctor, she learned that her cancerous tumour was gone.

Holding the trophy high, Sean came up on stage; saying that it was really a very hard decision and if they had their own way, they would give record deals to both of them. Saying that they could choose only one of the performers, Sean named James Graham as the winner of the battle…and the show.

A very shocked James could only thank everyone.