Blues artist Coco Montoya returned to Niagara Falls on August 10 for a performance in the Bear’s Den Showroom at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino with his band.

Montoya is one of those artists whose concerts are never the same no matter how many times you see him on a tour because he has no set list or plans for what he intends to play. Each show is fresh and new as he chooses the songs as he performs.

Montoya plays what comes to mind and will play requests from the audience…if he can remember the song. Montoya notes that he is at that age where he may or may not recall a song upon request.

In his Bear’s Den show, Montoya told few stories except for speaking of fellow artists as he paid tribute to them including Albert Collins – for whom he once played drums and Bobby Haynes who recently passed away.

The hour and a half show played before an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience included “A I Losing You”, “Before the Bullets Fly”, “I Want to Shout About It”, “Need Your Love in My Life”, “I Want it All Back”, “Truth Be Told”, “Love Jail”, “Bout to Make Me Leave Home”, and the Smokey Robinson song “The One Who Really Loves You”.

Throughout the show fans called out songs that had Coco sometimes admitting he didn’t remember them, but everyone enjoyed the music he did pay before coming out and meeting with Montoya for photos and autographs.