Last week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the top 10 girls performed for one of five female spots in the top 10.

This week, it’s the guys turn to strut their stuff and vie for a spot in the top 10.

As before the guys will be paired with an All Star and given a routine in a style other than their own to show whether or not they can dance in a variety of style

First up was Ballroom dancer Cole Mills who was paired with Jamie for a Contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall. Nigel said that Cole had brilliant connections and dance beautifully; adding that he would have thought that Cole was a Contemporary dancer. Vanessa said that Cole had some gorgeous partnering. Noting that she has never seen improvement like Cole’s, Mary said that Cole had her in the first few seconds.

Used to dancing alone, Jay Jay was paired with Chelsea for a Cha Cha to the music of Meghan Trainor. After asking Jay Jay if there was anything he couldn’t do, Vanessa called the routine flawless and captivating; adding that he was a powerhouse. Mary noted that she is drawn to Jay Jay every time he takes the stage. Nigel cautioned Jay Jay to watch his lines.

Hip-Hop dancer Slavik took on a Jazz routine with Allison that was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Vanessa said that she felt like she saw a new passion in Slavik; adding she saw some sexy dancing. Mary said that the performance was so believable and Slavik had some outstanding partnering. Nigel said that Slavik did a really good job.

Justin Pham performed a Hip-Hop routine with Comfort. Noting that Justin hit everything, Mary felt that the moves weren’t heavy enough. Nigel agreed that the moves were a bit light weight; adding that Justin gave the what they asked for.

Contemporary dancer Peyton Albright performed a Cha Cha with Chelsea. Mary said that the chemistry wasn’t there; adding that she thought he spent too much time working on the technical side. Nigel said that it didn’t sit comfortably with him; adding that Peyton was perfect at the parts he expected. Vanessa said that she felt a little disconnect.

Animator Kyle Bennett Jr danced a Contemporary routine with Lauren that was choreographed by Travis Wall. Vanessa said that the dance was beautiful; adding that she loved watching him dance. Noting that there was dance in Kyle’s soul, Mary noted that what Kyle lacks in training, he gives in his heart. Nigel said that the dance was a pleasure to watch.

Tap dancer Evan DeBenedetto performed a Contemporary routine with Allison. Noting that he felt the emotion, Nigel said that the dance was well done. Vanessa said that it was a strong performance and danced really good. Noting that the choreography was beautiful, Mary said that Evan gave it everything he could.

Animator Justin Payne performed Jazz with Jamie that was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Vanessa that she was impressed with Dustin all through the Academy. Mary said that Tyce brought out another side of Dustin. Noting that it was not a smiley routine, Nigel missed the smile.

Ballroom dancer Allen Genkin performed Jazz with Lauren. Noting that Allen did a pretty good job, Mary said that some spots came from an organic place while other didn’t. Vanessa noted that Allen hit it hard in some place; adding he did a really good job.

The final dance of the night was Darius Hickman with a Hip-Hop routine with Comfort that was choreographed by Luther Brown that had the judges laughing. Nigel called it a fun routine that felt right for Darius. Calling the routine so good, Vanessa said that she felt like Darius just became her best friend. Mary said that Darius knocked them out with the routine.

During deliberations, Nigel noted that it was going to be very hard to cut the boys down to five.

Saying that they have all been terrific; Nigel said that they have taken into account everything the guys had done during Academy Week.

Justin, Allen, Peyton, Kyle, and Dustin failed to make the cut. Saying that he would be much better next year, Nigel invited Dustin to please return next season.

Tap dancer Evan was the first to make it in the top five; Jay Jay, Cole, Darius, and Slavik will join the girls as the top 10 for season 15.

Next week the performances go live and it is up to the fans to decide who will move on.