In the second of a two night special event, “World of Dance” moves to its new night and time with the first episode of the Duel Rounds.

In this round dancers will face off in a head to head competition agianst fellow dancers in their own category. The highest scoring dancers got to select whom they wanted to battle against. Scores are revealed after both dancers/groups have performed.

Karen y Ricardo chose to battle Luka and Jenalyn.

Up first are nine time dance champions Karen y Ricardo. Saying that she gets nervous watching them dance, Jennifer said that she want to dance with the duo; adding that they are so incredible to watch. Noting that they are competition dancers, Derek said that their tricks are death defying. Ne-Yo said that he was on the edge of his seat; adding that one false move and somebody was going to the hospital. Karen y Ricardo scored 98.3 points for their dance.

Next up were Luka and Jenalyn with a dance that had Jenalyn in a straight jacket for the first part of the dance. Jennifer noted that the routine was super gutsy; adding that it was an exceptional routine. Jennifer said that the duo really stepped it up. Saying that the routine was risky and daring, Ne-Yo said that it was the best he had seen them dance. Derek loved the concept saying that the dance was incredible and so creative. Luka and Jenalyn scored 92.3 points for their dance.

Karen y Ricardo won the first battle.

The Untouchables chose to battle it out with the female group Expressionz.

With the Untouchables going first, Jennifer said that the performance felt like duel material. Ne-Yo noted that there were more than one style in the dance but each style had it’s time to shine. Derek liked the full production but felt if he stripped the production content away, the dance was a bit simple. Jennifer noted that the moves don’t always have to be complicated. The Untouchables scored 89.3 points for their dance.

The Expressionz gave Jennifer goosebumps. Jennifer called the performance so strong but soft; adding the routine was perfectly in sync and it moved her. Derek said that the quality of dance was second to none; adding that it was controlled with the turns in sync. Ne-Yo noted that it was like one person up there; adding that they played to their strengths. Expressionz scored 94 points for their dance.

Expressionz won the battle.

Krumpers Bdash and Konkrete faced off against Ballroom dancers Pasha and Daniella.

Pasha and Daniella were first and had a routine that Derek called great; adding that Daniella was a beast. Ne-Yo liked the quality of movement but wanted more. Jennifer said that they danced beautifully but kept waiting for something to happen. Pasha and Daniella scored 88.3 points for their dance.

Bdash and Konkrete used the “Moonlight Sonata” for a part of their music. Noting that he hates clowns, Derek said that the guys took a risk and it paid off. Jennifer said that she was nervous when she learned who the duo was going up against but said the duo was so effective, never lost character and showed that they have real artistry. Ne-Yo said that they took an extreme risk that paid off and elevated the style. Bdash and Konkrete scored 94.3 points for their dance.

Bdash and Konkete won the battle.

The Japanese group Fabulous Sisters and the Hawaiian Hip-Hop group Rascals paired up for a dance off.

With the Rascals going first, Jennifer said that they had griminess and swag. Ne-Yo noted that the routine was clean and in sync. Derek said that they made it look easy. Rascals scored 94.3 points for their dance.

Ne-YO said that the Fabulous Sisters created beautiful pictures and were art in motion. He noted that they were so mature for being so young. Jennifer noted that the girls were perfectly synchronized. Derek said that they have so much power when they were on stage; adding that they were clean and laser sharp. Fabulous Sister scored 95.7 points for their dance.

Fabulous Sisters win the battle.

Solo dancer Michael Dameski chose to battle the only other solo artist in his division – Angyl.

The Australian born Dameski danced first. Saying that he displayed pure artistic beauty, Ne-Yo said that Michael was like a super hero. Jennifer said that it was a great routine; adding that it was like an emotional roller coaster. Derek said that it appeared that Michael was dancing in water; adding that the routine was pure quality. Derek noted that Michael pushed himself to the edge. Michael scored 94.7 points for his dance.

Ne-Yo loved Angyl’s moves with the hat and the separation but noted she didn’t give her moves time to breathe. Ne-Yo added that the felt like it didn’t have a destination. Jennifer called it a great routine; adding she loved the music choice. While Derek thought the routine could be more dynamic, he loved Angyl’s musicality. Angyl scored 88.3 points for her dance.

Michael Dameski won the battle.

The New Zeland group The Bradas danced off against tap dancers The Jam Project.

The Bradas went first with a routine that seemed to have props appear from out of nowhere. Derek noted that the use of props could be dangerous but it definitely paid off. Ne-Yo noted that the guys took their previous notes and added more dance moves to their routine. Jennifer noted that they were on the edge of their seat; adding that the routine was amazing and they did a great job. The Bradas scored 89.7 points for their dance.

The Jam Project chose “I Feel Good” for their performance. Derek noted that they were so crisp, clean, and together; adding that he loved the song choice. Saying that they did their thing, Ne-Yo said that they were so in sync and he loved it. Jennifer said that it was a great routine and very entertaining; adding that it was 100 times better than their qualifying round performance. The Jam Project scored 88.3 points for their dance.

The Bradas won the battle.

In the final battle of the night, last season’s runner up Eva Igo went up against fusion dancers Avery and Marcus.

Going first, Eva gave a performance that had Derek saying she has the ability to connect. Saying that Eva always gives him chills, Derek wanted more construction in the routine. While he thought Eva is a powerhouse, Ne-Yo felt like he had seen it all before and wanted Eva to take it to the next level. Calling Eva a beast, Jennifer noted that Eva unleashed her heart on them. Eva scored 92 points for her dance.

The final performance of the night was from Avery and Marcus with Avery in point shoes as they performed a fusion of Ballet and Contemporary dances. Noting that it was such a step up from the last performance, Derek said that they were so elegant and he loved it; adding that he loved the fusion. Ne-Yo loved the routine, noting that both dancers had places to shine; adding that he didn’t see the nerves this time. Calling the duo dynamic and beautiful, Jennifer said that it was one of the hardest duel so far. Avery and Marcus scored 93.3 points for their dance.

Avery and Marcus beat out Eva Igo.

Next week the duel rounds continue.