In part two of Academy Week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the 41 remaining dancers must first face two time Emmy Award wining SYTYCD alum Travis Wall.

After facing Travis Wall and his always interesting and complicated choreography, only 33 dancers survived to moved on and face Mandy Moore for a massive group Jazz routine that will incorporate all the various styles of dance.

After a performance that brought the judges to their feet, it was time for deliberations and the next round of cuts. Once it was all over only 27 dancers remained and hoping to be one of the top 20.

The dancers have one final round to impress the judges with a solo performance.

For this final round, the dancers will have to wait until everyone has performed before they learn their results.

The first dancer in the top 20 is Jay Jay Dixonbey. Joining him are:
Genessy Castillo
Magda Fialek
Jensen Arnold
Stephanie Sosa
Dayna Madison
Sydney Moss
Brianna Penrose
Chelsea Hough
Emily Carr
Hannahlei Caranila
Cole Mills
Justin Pham
Slavik Pustovoytov
Peyton Albrecht
Dustin Payne
Evan DeBenedetto
Kyle Bennett Jr
Darius Hickman
Allen Gangkin

And with that the top 20 has been revealed, but there is a twist…and it’s a big one…

after being paired with an all star and a choreographer for a dance outside of their style. Only 10 will be moving on to the next round.