This week on “World of Dance” the qualifying rounds continue as dancers and teams try to make ti to the dual rounds.

Season two has seen numerous dance acts from season one making a return to the show.

First on the dance floor was the Ballroom couple DNA. Last season the couple had a mishap and fell at the beginning of the dance in the duel round. This year they are back and ready to take on battles…with no falling. The Latin dance duo performed a Paso Doble that Jennifer said was clean and beautiful; adding that they came back with a vengence. Ne-Yo loved that they took his advice and went to the gym. Derek said that it ws an amazing dance and they did a great job. DNA scores 87.7 points for their dance.

The Vancouver, British Columbia Hip-Hop crew Brotherhood use costumes and storytelling in their dance. The routine featured hockey costumes, hockey sticks, and a human hockey puck. Derek said that the guys did a great job with a routine that was clean, intricate, and in sync. Ne-Yo wanted to see more work with the hockey sticks and he liked the human hockey puck but the facial expressions were a bit too “cheerleadery”. Jennifer said that the dance lacked the “it” factor for her and wanted a grittier dance. After getting score of 75 from Jennifer, Brotherhood scored 80,3 points for their dance.

Sixteen year old Contemporary dancer Vivian Ruiz used her dance for a story of breakup after splitting with her boyfriend. Derek said that it was a beautiful dance, elegant, and a great performance. Jennifer loved the softness and delicateness in the dance. Ne-Yo said that he could feel the sorrow and pain in the dance. Vivian scored 83 points for her dance.

Last season Deangelo and Amanda were cut in the duel rounds; this year he returns with his group The Untouchables. Jennifer loved the Latino energy; adding that they have the making of something really exciting. Ne-Yo loved the Brazilian vibe; but said that at times there was so much going on that he didn’t know where to look. Noting that they included a lot of element from various Latin styles, Derek said that the group did a great job. The group scored 88.7 points for their dance.

The Tokyo trio ST Kingz performed a Hip-Hop dance that resembled modern day Vaudeville. Saying that it was like hip-hop vaudeville, Derek said that it took too long to get to the dancing. Ne-Yo said that it was showmanship versus technique. Jennifer called it a very cute routine with tons of personality; adding the dance had great performance quality. The trio failed to reach the minimum scored of 80 with 79 points for their dance.

The Contemporary dance duo Ashley and Zach worked with Derek and Julianne on their tour last year. The called Derek an Energizer Bunny. After asking whether they were a couple – no – Ne-Yo said that they made it look real; adding that the dance was sensual without being raunchy. Calling them beautiful dancers, Jennifer said the dance was clean, precise, and strong; adding that the song didn’t move her. Derek loved the emotion between the two; adding that he saw a lift he had never seen before. The duo scored 85 points on their dance.

In the final performance of the night, the Contemporary dance group The Rock Company performed a tribute to their home of Las Vegas after the tragic shooting last year. Dancing to “Imagine”, they said that the message was one of hope and to be kind to one another. The performance brought the judges to their feet with Jennifer coming up on stage and hugging the dancers. The girls were in tears after the performance. Jennifer said that the dance was really beautiful, powerful, and true artistry with technique beyond their years. Jennifer said that the dance was everything she could have imagined when she created the show. Derek said that they created something so magical and special; adding that the emotion was real. Derek said that the foundation of the dance was so strong that it allowed the emotion to come through even stronger. Agreeing with Derek, Ne-Yo said that there was nothing better than real emotion. Noting that they did an amazing job, Ne-Yo said that they were juniors in age only. Earning the highest points in the junior division so far, The Rock Company scored 96.7 points.