It’s another elimination week on “Face Off: Battle Royale” and by the end of the night only half of the season 13 contestants will remain.

This week’s challenge centers around Divine Dryads – spirit guardians of the forest.

The artists meet McKenie in a park where they find her standing next to a row of tree stumps. The artists must choose one of the forests on the tree stumps and create the mystical dryad that protects it. While beautiful creatures, the dryad is also forceful and protective. The artists must also create some form of armour for their character.

This week’s battles are:
Matt and Derek
Mel and Damien
Kevon and Jordan
Walter and Graham

Last week Matt earned his second win in a row and gets a little extra help from an industry expert for the win. This week’s expert is award winning artist Jordu Schell.

While Jordu is working on the face piece, Matt begins working on the cowel. Jordu keeps telling Matt to go biger until he has a huge cowel. Matt says that it is the biggest cowel he has ever sculpted or molded.

Jordu and Graham are going back and forth with each other in a friendly manner. Graham’s wife is Jordu’s assistant.

Mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab offer some advice to the artists.

After meeting with Michael, Kevon decides that he needs to rework his face piece.

When the artists come into the lab on day two, Mel is worried about whether her character is beautiful enough.

Matt is concerned about time management and whether or not he has enough time to get everything done. The huge cowel is also of major concern for him since he has never molded anything so massive.

Matt got his cowel molded but did not have the time to run the mold and will have to pour everything on application day.

Graham is creating the armour for his model on the model.

Matt under estimated the amount of foam needed for his cowel and it collapsed a bit. He has a lot of patch and repair work to do.

Walter is concerned about the time and getting his paint job completed the way he wants.

In last looks the artists have only one hour to complete their characters and some of them still have a great deal of work to do.

Mel and Kevon are very happy with their characters but the other artists are not happy with the results.

After the reveal and closer looks…
Matt and Derek – Derek wins
Walter and Graham – Walter wins
Mel and Damien – Mel wins
Kevon and Jordan – Jordan wins

The judges spoke with some of the artists about their work…
Glenn said that there were some issues with Damien’s character; adding it needed a more symmetrical face and Neville noted that the lay out didn’t add up. The judges noted that this was some of Damien’s roughest work; adding that he has been inconsistent this season.

The judge’s felt that Derek’s character was very successful with a good concept and a well crafted sculpture. Glenn noted that Derek made excellent use of the colour palette.

Neville didn’t see the tree in Kevon’s character. Glenn noted that while the shield was successful, the head didn’t work. Ve felt that Kevon’s character didn’t fit the challenge.

Glenn said that Walter was spot on for the challenge with his character; adding that it felt like the spirit was emerging from the character. Ve liked the textures; adding that the character had a great profile. Neville loved the fusion in the character.

Ve said that Graham’s character didn’t look pretty; adding that it needed a soft blending of the colours. Neville said that the eyes felt sunken; adding that the character looked possessed. The judges said that Graham had a good idea but it wasn’t painted very well.

Saying that he loved the concept, Glenn named Walter as the winner of the challenge but for Kevon and Graham it was the end of the road. Graham said that the decision was completely fair; adding that he was not happy with his makeup.