This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the New York auditions complete the auditions before the dancers move on to The Dance Academy.

First up to get the auditions started were Ballroom dancers Andrew Avila and Melany Mercedez who brought the judges to their feet. Calling the performance tremendous, Nigel said that they were so tight and beautiful to watch. Vanessa called them dynamic and talented dancers. Apologizing to Andrew, Mary said that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Melany. Twitch was shimmying in his seat as he watch, saying that the routing was so much fun. The duo got their tickets to The Academy

B-Boy Randon “Tiger” Laungdraseth gave a performance that Twitch loved. He noted that Tiger had clean footwork and looked like he was having fun. Mary said that Tiger had great musicality. Noting that Tiger never stopped during the dance, Nigel questioned Tiger’s ability to dance other styles. Saying that the routine was insane and crazy, Vanessa also noted that dancers have to do a lot on the show. She advised Tiger to takes some classes in other dance styles because he was going to The Academy.

Contemporary dance Mika Doman’s audition “music” really wasn’t music at all but a dialogue. While the dance wasn’t his favourite, Twitch noted that he saw the potential in Mika. Mary said that the routine didn’t come across to her either but she could see Mika’s strengths. Nigel noted that Mika needed to tap into her emotions while she danced. Calling her audition music a very interesting song choice, Vanessa wanted more of a connection from Mika. With Nigel the deciding vote, he said that he didn’t have the heart to say no; Mika got her ticket for The Academy.

Jazz dancer Kory Geller put on a Broadwayesque routine that Nigel said was too pantomimey for him; adding that it was over the top and everything Broadway wasn’t. Vanessa said that Kory had a lot of strong things going for him and a lot of heart. Twitch noted that the dance was a bit Fossesque. Mary said that Kory needed to tone it back a lot and develop more technique. While he didn’t get his ticket for The Academy, Kory thanked the judges for their remarks.

Briana Penrose brought the judges to their feet with her Tap routine. Nigel loved Briana’s rhythms. Twitch loved her confidence; adding that she was on top of what she was doing. Saying that the Briana was dynamic and the dance had fluidity, Vanessa noted that Briana showed her range in the routine. Mary said that Briana showed many levels and layers. Briana got her ticket to The Academy.

After a series of no clips, professional ballet dancer Arcadian Broad took the stage. Coming to ballet late – age 14 – Arcadian became the youngest member of the Orlando Ballet at age 16. Calling the routine tremendous, Nigel said that Arcadian had great facility and a remarkable center. While technically stunning, Nigel wanted more personality in the dance. Vanessa noted that it was amazing to see a male Ballet dancer command the stage; adding that he was a pleasure to watch. Twitch said that the routine had a great display of power and grace. Mary noted that the dance had some of THOSE moments. The judges stood waving tickets at Arcadian.

After yes clips with Darius Hickman, Jenson Arnold, and Genessy Castillo; unconventional Contemporary dancer Bridget Dervilleteer gave a performance that Mary called beautiful; adding that Bridget was a little powerhouse. Nigel noted that Bridget was going to give him nightmares…in a good way; adding that it was like something out of a Japanese horror film. Calling the performance explosive, Vanessa said that it was amazing to watch. Noting that Bridget was fully committed, Twitch said that she did an excellent job. Bridget got her ticket for The Academy.

In the final performance of the night…and the auditions…Ryan Green returned to SYTYCD after being cut during Las Vegas week in season 12 with what he called Visual Intoxication. This time around the stage wasn’t big enough for Ryan as he slid off the stage and worked his way to the judge’s table in a performance that brought the judge’s to their feet. Saying that the routine was sick in so many ways, Nigel said that it was like the “Walking Dead” comes to “So You Think You Can Dance”. Saying that he remembered Ryan from season 12 and it was a great routine, Twitch said that right now Ryan is on another level. Saying that she didn’t want to miss a moment, Mary called Ryan a genius at what he does. Vanessa said that she is Ryan’s biggest fan. Nigel asked Ryan if he battles and when the answer was yes, Twitch went up on stage for a little dance battle to “Uptown Funk” that brought the house down and had Nigel chair dancing. The judges stood and waved tickets for The Academy at Ryan.

Next week The Academy begins…