Last week on “The Four” Majeste Pearson beat out Carvena Jones to become one of “The Four” and took her seat beside James Graham, Stephanie Zelaya, and Sharaya J.

DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, and Sean “Diddy” Combs will hear another set of challengers and determine who will get the change to challenge one of “The Four”.

The night of music begins with a group performance from “The Four” and brought the judges to their feet.

First up looking to challenge “The Four” is R&B singer Whitney Reign who sang the Julia Michaels song “Issues”. Host Fergie said that Whitney had attitude. Saying that Whitney had a magical gift, Meghan said that Whitney can entertain everyone. DJ Khaled loved the energy and swag, but felt that Whtiney needed to go harder. Sean said that while Whitney had a great personality, her voice was just average. During deliberations Meghan fights for Whitney and gets the guys to change their minds. Whitney gets three yes votes and chooses to challenge Stephanie. When a challenge is issued, the audience votes and determines the winner. The audience chose Whitney over Stephanie. Whitney becomes on of “The Four” and Stephanie goes home.

Sixteen year old R&B singer De’stani Bryant gave a performance that Meghan said looked effortless; adding that De’stani is gifted. DJ Khaled noted that De’stani had fun; adding that he loved the rap during the song. While Sean feels that De’stani is a new young talent; he believes that she needs more work but has a bright future before her and has potential. De’stani got only one yest from the judges.

Flashy Nashville artist Stella Amor put her own spin on “Mad World”. Meghan called the performance fun and entertaining. A speechless Sean loved her freedom but felt uncomfortable. DJ Khaled noted that sometimes different is great. Saying that he wanted to see what she would do next, DJ Khaled was the only judge who said yes.

Rapper James Farrow not only strutted his stuff on the stage, he was rather arrogant and a bit disrespectful toward “The Four”, especially fellow rapper Sharaya J. DJ liked what James did and wanted to see more. Sean said that if James had come to his office, he would not have asked to see more; but added that James has potential. James said that a rap battle was why he was there. He got his wish with three yeses and saying that gladiators only battle other gladiators he chose to battle with Sharaya. After the battle the audience chose Sharaya as the winner and she retains her seat.

Curisau native Skylar Dayne chose the Selena Gomez song “Wolves” for her performance. Meghan noted that Skylar’s falsetto was amazing. DJ wanted to see the passion throughout the song. Sean felt that Skylar was being safe. Meghan was the only judge to give Skylar a yes.

In the final performance of the night, rocker Jesse Kramer brought his guitar for a performance of “Hallelujah”. Saying that she was pleasantly surprised, Meghan said that Jesse gave her chills. Calling Jesse a raw talent, Sean said that he felt some an Elvis vibe; adding that it was refreshing. DJ simply said “Hallelujah”. Jesse got his three yeses and giving a slight bow said, “I choose your Majesty” to take on Majeste. After a laid back performance in his first song, Jesse cranked it up for his second performance with “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix. In what Fergie announced as the closes vote so far this season, she revealed that Jesse won the challenge.

The Four” continues with more challengers next week.