Only four queens remain after Miz Cracker was eliminated in the evil twins challenge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Aquaria earned her third win last week.

This week, RuPaul challenges the queens to sing and dance their way to the finale. In the final maxi challenge, RuPaul invites the queens to write their own verse for her song “American” – a song she wrote to hep united the country. Not only will they write their own lyrics and perform them, the queens will meet with Todrick Hall for choreography – their toughest yet.

Along with performing the song as a group, they will also be a guest on RuPaul’s podcast and show her and the judge’s why they deserve to be the Next Drag Superstar.

In the recording studio Aquaria had a little trouble getting the right key at first, Asia’s foot tapping and singing/rapping were not on the same beat, they were trying to teach Erueka how to sound like an elephant, and Kameron kept singing too low but Todrick told her to trust in herself.

Back in the workroom Eureka wanted to hear Kameron’s verse but Kameron didn’t want to sing it. Asia went after Eureka over continuing to ask Kameron to sing.

When it came time to meet with Todrick on the choreography, Aquaria was a quick study but Kameron and Eureka were having some trouble getting the steps down. Todrick reminded the queens that any mistakes would stand out and suggested the queens spend a lot of time rehearsing.

When the queens come into the workroom to get ready for the performance, they find some cocktails waiting for them. While getting made up and dressed, the queens discuss the best and worst moments over the season. Some of the queens wonder whether or not the odds are stacked against them when it comes to winning the competition.

For this final challenge, RuPaul kept it in the family at the judge’s table with herself, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Matthews, and Todrick Hall.

In their remarks the judges thought Aquaria had a phenomenal look; adding that she always has amazing looks. RuPaul said that Aquaria was one of the top five ever on the show with her runway looks. Todrick noted that it was awesome to work with someone who has clearly done their homework. Michelle called Aquaria a gem to watch.

RuPaul and Michelle spoke on how close many of the challenges were this week and that Asia came very close to winning on a number of occasions. Michelle said that Asia was a seasoned performer. The judges noted that Asia was happy during her dance performance. Todrick noted that Asia took every note he gave.

The judges said that Eureka lit up the stage and Todrick called her a spark of energy. Saying that Eureka has worked it all season, Michelle noted that Eureka turned it out on the dance routine. Michelle added that Eureka is what the competition is all about…and a dynamic performer.

Todrick said that watching Kameron sing was his favourite moment. An emotional Ross noted that Kameron’s lyrics spoke for so many of them. Having survived three lip sync battles, RuPaul called Kameron a true survivor. Saying that Kameron had some fabulous looks this season, Michelle was surprised to see Kameron in the final four this season.

Noting that she always gets emotional when they get to the final four, RuPaul told the queens that they should be proud of themselves.

Before any deliberations, RuPaul has some questions for the queens and asks them to reflect back to their younger selves and offer some advice. RuPaul also asks each queen why they should be crowned the winner over one of their opponents.

Once deliberations were over, RuPaul said ti bring back her girls. Todrick said that that should be RuPaul’s next single; and then they started singing it.

Telling the queens that each of them have fought fiercely for their spots, RuPaul has all four of the queens give a lip sync performance to “Call Me Mother” by RuPaul.

After the lip sync performance, RuPaul announced her decision as to which queen would be going home…no one!

All four of the queens will be a part of the grand finale.

As in seasons past, RuPaul asks the fans to express their thoughts on who they want to win.

Next week all of the queens from season 10 return for a reunion and in two weeks a new winner will be crowned.

In this week’s “Untucked” segment…
Asia called things intense but Eureka had fun.

Noting that she was wearing a gown, Kameron said that there would be no tricks in the lip sync performance this week, but then Aquaria – who is also in a gown – shows off a few moves.

Not shown during the show, RuPaul had asked the queens with whom they had made a connection between them and one of their fellow queens. Aquaria had sad she made a connection with Asia. Asia felt that she had been shown her true purpose and noted with that she felt like she had won. Asia added that outside of the pretty wigs, all the glitz, and glamour that the smallest things can change a person’s life.

Eureka got emotional when talking abut being a big queen and showing people that it was ok.

Kameron noted that Aquaria is strong and excels in everything; adding that it will get her more fans.

Eureka notices the video screen…and asks who is it???

It’s Kameron’s mom; they both get emotional and cry.

Asia’s parents are gone and gets emotional when the other queens talk about their moms, knowing that she wouldn’t get a video…and suddenly she hears her name when a video message comes on from her best friend David.

As the queens prepare to head back out on stage, they discover pieces of costumes that had been left by eliminated queens.

Back on stage, they learn that will all be a part of the grand finale.