The reality competition dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” premieres season 15 with a one hour program.

Host Cat Deely returns to the show; along with executive producer and head judge Nigel Lythgoe and judges Mary Murphy and Vanessa Hudgens. And Twitch returns as a special judge.

This year there is no choreography round, either the dancer is good enough to move or to The Academy or they go home.

Getting the night started off was Ukrainian born Marina Mazepa with an audition worthy of a Mummenschanz performance. Saying that he has never seen anything like it, Nigel was stunned and amazed saying that he was thrilled with the concept and couldn’t wait to see Marina do more. Calling the performance profound, Vanessa was in awe of Mariana and adored the way she used her body. Calling Mariana incredible, Twitch said that he had never seen anything like it. Mary called Mariana an out of this world artist. Mariana got her ticket to The Academy.

B-Boy Gaevin Bernales said that he was inspired by Twitch. During the audition Twitch was chair dancing. Saying that she enjoyed the performance, Vanessa said that Gaevin was strong. Twitch said that Gaevin has some great footwork and has some signature moves. Saying that Gaevin really went for it, Mary felt that Gaevin had held back but is super talented. An amazed Nigel, called Gaevin one of the best B-Boys he has seen but feared that Gaevin may not be strong enough for other dance forms. Gaevin got his ticket to The Academy.

Ballroom dancers Marcus Nyemchek, Madga Fialek, and Allen Genkin all have previous connections to SYTYCD. Marcus is Kik’s brother and Magda is Kiki’s former parter, Allen was a part of season 12 but got injured and had to withdraw. Calling the trio really hot, Mary loved every second of the dance. Nigel said that Allen was really sharp, Magda was splendid, but Marcus was a little quiet. Vanessa said that they had her. Twitch said that they were awesome. All three dancers got their tickets to The Academy.

In a series of clips, Ballroom dancers Cole Mills, Natalia Deitskaya, Tristen and Stephanie Sosa, Dillon Lehman, KJ Mills and Hope Jackson all impressed the judges enough to earn their tickets to The Academy.

Alaskan native Taylor Haines was born with an orthopedic disorder that resulted in an amputation of her left leg below the knee. Wearing a prosthesis, she performed a dance that the judges called inspiring. Vanessa noted that Taylor moves in a unique way and has beautiful extensions. Thanking Taylor for the inspiration, Twitch said that she has incredible potential. While Mary said that Taylor had such a presence, she didn’t feel Taylor was storng enough to move on. Nigel called Taylor very brave but agreed that she wasn’t strong enough. Taylor got four nos from the judges.

Jay Jackson is better known to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fans as Extravaganza and she performed her audition to one of RuPaul’s songs. Nigel said that she made his eyes water three times and has certainly made an impact on the show. Saying that Jay made her heart happy, Vanessa said that she adored Jay; adding that he has amazing spirit and passion. Twitch said that Jay’s strength and courage is second to none; but the Jaz wasn’t strong enough. Mary called Jay an amazing entertainer; but wanted him to come back with more tools. After Nigel said no, Mary became the deciding vote and agreed to give Jay her ticket to The Academy.

Saying that this is “So You Think You Can Dance”, Twitch noted that they were breaking barriers around there.

After some no clips, Alexis Gilbert makes a return to SYTYCD after being cut during Academy week last season. Saying that it was great to have her back, Twitch said that Alexis’ performance had quality. Mary said that Alexis knocked it out of the ballpark. Calling the performance tremendous, Nigel was happy that Alexis had returned. Vanessa said that Alexis has such a presence and shined on the stage. Alexis got her ticket to The Academy.

In the final performance of the night, tap dancer Eddie Hoyt said dancing was how he expressed himself. Standing and clapping, Nigel said that there were so many good things in the dance; adding that it was wonderful to watch. Nigel said that Eddie was an asset to tap dance. Saying that Eddie made her so happy, Vanessa called Eddie a phenomenal tapper. Twitch said that Eddie was a joy to watch. A mutual admiration society between Eddie and Twitch with their dance styles, Twitch went up on the stage; he and Eddie brought the house down with an old fashioned dance off. Eddie got his ticket to The Academy.

Next week “So You Think You Can Dance” returns with more auditions.