In their continuing efforts to improve safety in the game of football the NFL owners have voted to amend the rules of the game when it comes to kick offs.

During the annual owners meeting, the owners have decided to limit full speed collisions between players and to make the kick off more like a punt.

The decision came about after meetings with special teams coaches and the NFL Competition Committee.

Beginning with the 2018 season…
players on the kicking team must line up only one yard from the ball
the wedge block is no longer allowed with only players lining up in the setup zone will be allowed to make double team blocks
players on the receiving team will no longer be allowed to cross the restraining line or initiate a block until after the ball has touched the ground; thus decreasing the opportunity for a high speed collision or “attack” block
players on the receiving team will no longer need to “down the ball” for it to be a touch back, a ball will be deemed a touch back at the moment it hits the ground in the end zone.