The Voice” reaches the end of another season with the final performances before the new winner is crowned. Alicia and Kelly each have one singer in the finals and Blake has two singers in the finals. Adam doesn’t have any singers in the finals.

Each finalist will perform three songs – a new cover song, a duet with their coach, and an original song.

Team Blake’s Kyla Jade gets the night of music started off with “A Little Help from My Friends”. Host Carson Daly noted that is how you kick off a finale. Noting that Kyla is always impressive, Kelly said that the best part of tonight’s performance was how Kyla included the people behind her. Coach Blake said that if Kyla doesn’t win, then he doesn’t know why the show is called “The Voice”.

Team Alicia’s Britton Buchanan performed his original song – one that he wrote himself with no collaborators – “Where You Come From”. Noting that he no longer has a horse in this race, Adam said that he is now Team Britton; adding that they would be lucky if he won the show because Britton hasn’t shown them everything. Noting that Britton wrote the song himself, Coach Alicia noted that ever feeling and vision is his own and it was exceptional.

Brynn Cartelli and Coach Kelly pair up for a duet of the Crowded House hit “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

Team Blake’s Spensha Baker performed the Country song “Merr Go Round”. Calling her a great storyteller, Blake said that was why he saved Spensha; adding that the are looking at the next Country star.

Britton and Coach Alicia pair up for a performance of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii and Aloe Blacc with Britton playing the guitar and Alicia on the keyboard.

Kyla Jade returns to perform her original song “The Last Tear”. Kelly noted that it is a blessing for a songwriter to have a person who can perform any song given to them. Blake said that the show was designed for someone like Kyla.

Spensha Baker and Coach Blake pair up for their duet “Tell Me About It”.

Brynn performs her original song “Walk My Way” written by Julia Michaels. Adam noted that the fact that at 15 Brynn has come all this way with grace and poise was impressive. Kelly simply said that the performance was incredible.

Kyla and Blake join up for a duet of Wynonna’s song “Only Love”.

In a performance that brought the house to their feet, Britton performed The Rascals hit “Good Love”. Putting down the guitar for the first half of the song, Britton just had some fun. Carson said that Britton left it all out on the stage. Dancing around, Alicia said that it was electric in there; adding that Britton was in his element and set the place on fire.

For her original song Spensha Baker performed “Old Soul”. Blake said that she is ready for the Grand Ole Opry stage; adding that they need her in Country music.

Brynn finished out the night of music with a performance of “Skyfall” by Adele. Noting that Brynn has done it all, Kelly said that she was so lucky; adding that she was just a cheerleader.