This week on “American Idol” the top 10 take one the songs of Disney in the first ever cross the country simulcast.

Mickey and Minnie join Snow White – Katy – Lionel, and Luke to get the show started.

Starting at the beginning of the show, fans across the country can cast their votes until the last commercial break. At the end of the show, three of the top 10 will go home.

This week the artists get a visit to Disneyland and the help from a mentor – Tony Award winning performer Indina Menzel.

First up is Maddie Poppe with “The Bare Necessities” from “The Jungle Book” as she plays the ukulele. Saying that he hopes she is having a lot of fun, Lionel said that Maddie is coming of age right before their eyes. Snow White appreciated Maddie’s taking on all of those notes; adding she did a great job. Luke said that Maddie’s voice feels timeless and makes him want to keep listening.

Host Ryan Seacrest noted that even before the first song, a million and a half votes have been cast.

Jurnee performed “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana”. Katy said that Jurnee was very connected and vulnerable – which she says is a strength. Luke said that Jurnee did a great job; adding that no matter what happens to keep dreaming. Lionel reminds Jurnee that music is a business and sometimes people get it right; adding that tonight it felt like she was singing from her heart.

Ryan revealed that this week Jurnee’s Army wife was deployed and when he asked Jurnee where Ashley was going, Jurnee replied that she couldn’t say but it was very dangerous.

D Cappella perform “Never Had a Friend” from “Alladin”.

Idol rocker Cade Foehner showed off another side when he performed “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid”. Luke said that with everything he is bringing, he is excited to see what Cade will do. Lionel noted that Cade has instant identity; adding that he loves what Cade is doing. Fanning herself with a card, Katy said that she felt like she was the only person in the room; noting that she had never seen that side of Cade. Ryan noted that there was something special about Cade’s performance.

D Cappella performs music from “The Lion King”.

Ada Vox takes on “The Lion King” when she channels her inner lioness with “The Circle of Life”. Indina called Ada a role model for kids. Ada got a rousing applause for her performance. Lionel called her a movement unto herself; adding that she needs to keep it up. Katy said that tonight she really embodied Ada Vox. Luke said that Ada has the voice to take their heads off; adding that her taking a subtle route was great.

D Cappella performs music form “The Little Mermaid”.

Michelle Sussett performed “Remember Me” from “Coco” – a song in English and Spanish. Katy noted that in the past some of Michelle’s performances didn’t focus on the sound but this time the sound was a priority. Luke said that Michelle came and did what she was supposed to do. Lionel said that Michelle’s true identity finally came through.

Ryan noted that about eight million votes have come in and there is a clear leader.

Gabby Barrett sang “Colors of the Wind” from “Pocahontas”. Luke said that Gabby has all the tools to win the show; adding she did a great job. Lionel called Gabby the package; adding she is star quality. Katy said that Gabby is diverse and showed that she can sing anything tonight.

D Cappella sang music form “Beauty and the Beast”.

Michal J. Woodard performed “Beauty and the Beast” from “Beauty and the Beast” and shocks the house when he holds a note for several counts. Lionel called Michael his little martian and Katy called him her little angel. She said that Michael fits between Michael Jackson and Frank Ocean. Luke called Michael magical like Disney.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson took on the theme from “Toy Story” with”You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Katy said the performance was so believable and a great song choice. Luke called it a great song choice and make America smile. Lionel said that Caleb doesn’t have to anything tricky…just open his mouth.

Caty Turner took on “Sleeping Beauty” with “Once Upon a Dream”. Lionel said that Caty took them on a magical journey. Katy said that Caty showed some growth; going from a girl to a woman. Luke said they stole all his words; adding he hoped that America appreciated what all the singers were doing.

In the final performance of the night, Dennis Lorenzo also takes on “The Lion King” with “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” – a song that has some personal meaning for him. Luke called the performance a home run; adding that Dennis always knocks it out of the park for him. Lionel called the performance very good. Katy was eating an apple that “some lady” backstage gave her.

Saying that millions of votes were cast, Ryan noted that the results were very close.

After the live vote, the results that will see three singers go home…

Caleb Lee Hutchinson is the first person in the top seven
Gabby Barrett is also in the top seven
Michael Woodard is also in the top seven
Idol’s rocker Cade Foehner is in the top seven
Maddie Poppe is in the top seven
Caty Turner is also in the top seven
The final singer in the top seven is Jurnee!

Ada Vox, Dennis Lorenzo, and Michelle Sussett were eliminated from the competition.