On Sunday the top 14 singers on “American Idol” all performed. On the the first official results show of the season, the top 10 will be revealed with the fans voting in six of the 10 and after the remaining eight singers perform, the judges will decide the final four.

The stage has been divided into two zones – the victory zone and the danger zone.

With the names revealed in no particular order, host Ryan Seacrest calls Maddie Poppe to the stage. Ryan tells Maddie that she is the first singer to make it in the top 10. With all of the singers giving a performance, Maddie sang “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

Next on stage is Michelle Sussett who learns that she is in the danger zone before she sings her original song “I’m a Dreamer”.

Next up is Marcio Donaldson who comes on stage to rousing applause and cheers. Ryan told Marcio that he is also in the danger zone. He chose to sing “Jealous” by Nick Jonas.

Back in the lounge, Ryan brings Cade up on stage where Cade learns that he is in the top 10. Cade performs “Bright Lights” by Gary Clark Jr and brought the judges to their feet.

Garrett Jacobs takes the stage to learn that he is not in the top 10. Ryan used football terms to deliver the news, saying that he did not get into the end zone on fourth and inches. He sang “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Credence Clearwater Revival.

Country singer Gabby Barrett learns that she is the next singer to make it into the top 10. She performs “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert.

Dennis Lorenzo was the next singer to learn his results and is in the danger zone. Dennis sang “This Women’s Work” by Maxwell and brought the judges to their feet.

Ryan reveals that next week for the first time in television history, next Tuesday the show will go live in all three time zones simultaneously and fans will be able to vote and get the results at the end of the show.

Jonnie Brenns is in the danger zone and will have to sing for his life. He chose “Demons” by Imagine Dragons for his performance and brought the judges to their feet and cheers from the crowd.

The next singer in the top 10 is Caleb Lee Hutchinson who sang “Getting You Home” by Chris Young.

Next up on sage is Mara Justine who learns that she is not in the top 10. She chose “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna for her performance and had the crowd cheering and the judges on their feet.

Next up on the stage is Jurnee who took on Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande with her performance of “Bang Bang” on performance night; but it was not enough for the voters who did not put her in the top 10. Jurnee chose to sing “Never Enough” from the soundtrack for “The Greatest Showman”.

Only two spots remain for the fan vote top six with three singers waiting in the lounge.

Next up is Michael J Woodard takes one of the two remaining seats in the top 10. He sings “Believe in Yourself” from “The Wiz”.

The last spot from the fan vote is between Catie Turner and Ada Vox; and the final spot goes to Catie Turner. Catie sings “Havana”.

The final performance of the night is Ada Vox with “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holiday and brought the house down. Everyone is on their feet and the crowd was screaming Ada. Taking her earrings off and remarking that between the three of them – judges – Katy says they know talent and making an executive decision, Ada is in the top 10.

Three spots remain in the top 10…

After some deliberations the judges have determined that Jurnee, Michelle Sussett, and Dennis Lorenzo round out the top 10.

Marcio Donaldson, Mara Justine, Garrett Jacobs, and Jonnie Brenns have all been eliminated.

Lionel said that the fact that the singers who did not make it in the top 10 are there, show that they are special. He reminded them that The Commodores heard lots of nos before making it…and they did.

Next week the competition moves up another notch.