It’s the final night of a three night live playoff round event on “The Voice”. On Monday fans voted Sharane Callister, Britton Burchanan, Kyla Jade, and Brynn Cartelli into the top 12. On Tuesday night Blake and Alicia’s remaining team members performed. Tonight Team Kelly and Team Adam will perform and at the end of the night the remaining artists in the top 12 will be revealed.

With six members on each team, half of the singers will be eliminated by the end of the show.

Up first is Team Kelly with Kaleb Lee singing “Die a Happy Man”. An excited Kelly said that she loved Kaleb; adding that in her opinion he is the best Country singer on the show.

Alexa Cappelli sang “Stop and Stare”. An emotional Kelly said that she was so proud of Alexa; adding that Alexa shocks her every time she takes the stage.

D.R. King sang “All in My Mind” and had the house screaming. Kelly said that D.R. is seriously so talented.

Dylan Hartigan sang “Last Dance for Mary Jane”. Kelly said that Dylan has a beautiful package and is super talented. She said that he is capable of taking a song and making it his own.

Finishing out Team Kelly is Tish Haynes Keys with the Etta James classic “At Last”. Carson called it elegant and effortless. Kelly called Tish a phenomenal singer.

Kicking things off for Team Adam is Reid Umstatd with “Long Tall Women in a Black Dress”. Adam liked the old school classic rock performance; adding that it was perfect.

Jackie Verna sang “Once”. Adam said that he was beaming with pride; adding that there is no one who can carry the notes like she does.

Drew Cole took on The Rollin Stones with “Wild Horses”. After thanking Drew for singing the song, Adam said that the performance was unbelievable.

Mia Bustrom sang “Either Way”. Adam said that it felt like just him and Mia; adding that he applauded the attempt.

Rayhun LaMarr finished out the night of singing with “I’m Going Down” and ends the performance laying on the floor. The house is screaming and the coaches are on their feet. Adam said that Rayshun is one of a kind; adding that he just won the week.

And now time for the results…

Only one of the remaining top 12 singers from each team will be decided by fan vote with the final spot chosen by the coach.

Up first is Team Blake with America moving Pryor Baird into the top 12.

Blake chose to put Spensha Baker in the top 12.

Next up is Team Kelly…

America put Kaleb Lee in the top 12.

Saying that she hates this part, Kelly chose D.R. King to be in the top 12.

Now time for Team Alicia to learn who moves on to the top 12…
America chose to put Jackie Foster in the top 12.

Saying that it was attractions and the worst moment ever, Alicia chose to put Christiana Danielle in the top 12.

And finally for Team Adam…
America voted to put Rayshun LaMarr in the top 12.

And the final decision, Adam chose to put Jackie Verna in the top 12.

On Monday the top 12 perform for fans votes.