On Sunday the remaining 12 singers in the top 24 performed their solos; tonight they will be performing All Star duets before the remaining seven singers are revealed for the top 14.

First up is Caleb Lee Hutchinson with Bebe Rexha singing “Meant to Be”. Katy said that it was really fun to see Caleb having fun. Luke said that nobody has the aw shucks country boy down better than Caleb; adding that he is really endearing to watch. Lionel called the performance amazing.

Ada Vox pairs up with Lea Michele for a performance of “Defying Gravity”. Lea said that Ada’s voice is out of control. Lionel said that every time he thinks he knows where Ada is going she hits the stratosphere; adding a star is born. He said that there is no denying her talent. Katy called it so much fun; adding that Ada’s voice transcends words. Luke said that Ada always figures out how to bring the house down.

Maddie Poppe and Colbie Caillat performed “Bubbly”. Luke called Maddie their mot complete artist; adding she did a great job. Katie said that Maddie and Colbie complimented each other. Lionel noted that Maddie is very comfortable on stage.

Ron Bultongez pairs up with Banners for “Someone to You”. During rehearsals, Banners said that Ron was doing his song better than he was. Katy said that it was fun to see Ron’s adventure; adding that it wasn’t perfect but perfection was boring. Lionel loved that Ron lost control. Luke said that Ron is anointed to be someone special.

Amelia Hammer Harris joins Bebe Rexha for “Me, Myself, and I”. Lionel said that it isn’t about the win but the platform you are standing on and Amelia has a firm solid grip on the platform. Katie called Amelia a star; adding that Amelia could be anything she wanted to be. Luke said that Amelia held her own with a star.

Shannon O’Hara and Cam teamed up for “Burning House”. Luke called the performance mesmerizing; adding that it is fun to see them perform with the stars. Katy said that it was fun to see Shannon come out of her shell; adding her voice is something to be respected. Lionel said that it was a master class of a duet – performing together.

Banners returns to pair up with Alyssa Raghu for Coldplay’s first hit song “Yellow”. Katy called it a good push and pull of two different voices; adding Alyssa has a spectacular voice. Lionel noted that the performance didn’t give him what made Alyssa stand out. Luke said that Alyssa has all the tools.

Originally scheduled to perform with Toni Braxton, Marcio Donaldson and Allen Stone join forces after just one day of rehearsals for the Marvin Gaye classic “What’s Going On”. Calling Marcio, “My Brother”, Lionel said that it was a spiritual moment. Luke said that nobody has grown more than Marcio; adding that it is so fun watching the horsepower start. Katy noted that Marcio is a different person from what they saw yesterday…and he has arrived.

Lea Michele returns to join up with Jurnee for an emotional performance of “Run to You”. Luke said that he loves everything about Jurnee’s voice and her effortlessness. Katy said that there was so much flow in the song and they complemented each other so well. Lionel said that the journey Jurnee is taking them on is incredible.

Colbie Cailat returns to sing with Garrett Jacobs. Colbie called Garret a natural. Katy said that it felt like Garrett’s heart was in it and he owned it; adding that he is a dreamboat. Luke said that it was a great step in the right direction. Lionel noted that all they have to work on is presentation. Garrett was singing to his girlfriend whome he thought was back home…and she was in the audience!

Mara Justine joins up with Rachel Platten for “Fight Song”. Lionel said that if they’d only known getting to stand still to get her center…and it paid off. Luke said way to shine at the right time; adding that sitting and singing could carry her far. Katy said that Mara found her center and now she can combine them; adding that what she did was beautiful.

Cam returns to join Effie Passero for the final performance of the night with “Diane”. Luke said great job; adding that she harmonized wonderfully. Katy said that it was good. Lionel called Effie on fire.

And now it is time for the results in the judge’s final decisions before the fans have their say.

The seven artists moving on to the top 14:
Mara Justine
Maddie Poppe
Ada Vox
Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Garrett Jacobs

and the final singer moving on is…Marcio Donaldson!

Next week, it’s America’s turn to decide…