In part two of the live showcase performances on “American Idol”, the remaining 12 singers take the stage to impress the judges and vie for one of the remaining seven spots in the top 14.

Kicking off the night of music was Amelia Hammer Harris with “Believer”. Katy noted that Amelia has her own style and enjoyed the performance. Lionel said that Amelia continues to fascinate him. Luke said that Amelia did a good job and to keep the bar high.

Football player turned musician Garrett Jacobs performed “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes and had the girls screaming. Lionel said that there is a time that Garrett needs to concentrate on the singing. Noting that he isn’t the best singer, Luke called Garrett a heartthrob; adding he made a good song choice. Katy agreed with the guys, saying that he is fun to watch; adding that Garrett is paying attention to what they have been telling him. Katy told Garrett to stop thinking so much.

Maddie Poppe chose the classic song “Brand New Key” by Melanie. Admitting that he didn’t know the song, Luke noted that Maddie was here for that moment. Katy said that she adores Maddie; adding that Maddie knows who she is. Lionel noted that Maddie gives them the whole package and is on the road she needs to be on.

Ada Vox performed “Feeling Good” by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Nina Simone and brought the house down. Katy said that Ada is here to win. Lionel said that Ada’s talent is so grand that it begs for a new category in the equation; adding that she is a force to be reckoned with. Luke said that Ada has the ability to bring the house down every time.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson got a big surprise when his Idol season 10 winner Scotty McCreery walked in the room. Scotty said that the key to Country music was all about the song. Caleb sang “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rettt. Lionel said that Caleb’s voice is crystal clear from the first note; adding that Caleb is simple and solid. Katy said that there is a simplicity in Caleb’s voice; adding it also has power. Luke noted that Caleb is the last Country boy in the competition; telling Caleb to keep going in his own style.

Effie Pasero took on Heart with “Barracuda”. Luke noted Effie didn’t command the stage like a superstar; adding that she is one of the best singers they have. Katy called the performance flawless; adding that Effie looked like she was enjoying herself. Lionel asked if she was having a good time; adding that she is taking advantage of everything given her.

Alyssa Raghu performed Rihanna’s “Stay”. Luke noted Alyssa didn’t have him until tonight. Katy said that she doesn’t have time to tell Alyssa how great she is. Lionel compared Alyssa to a little chicken who is growing.

Marcio Donaldson performed the classic Natalie Cole hit “Inseparable” and blew Katy’s mind. Marcio was in tears by the end of the song. Saying that he knew Natalie, Lionel said that Natalie was watching him. Saying that she loved Marcio, Katy said that she was impressed with him and he is growing by leaps and bounds. Katy said that Marcio is making perfect choices. Luke called Marcio a survivor; adding that Marcio just delivered a world class performance. Katy went up on stage and hugged Marcio; she was joined by Luke and Lionel.

Mara Justine chose to perform “Run to You” by Whitney Houston. Noting that they were spellbound, Luke noted that Mara just showed another side of herself. Katy said that the song sounded so good on Mara; adding that Mara has been taking their advice. Lionel said the greatest advice someone gave him also fits Mara – to stand still and let the crowd come to her.

Jurnee chose the Jessie J song “Flashlight” for her performance. Saying wow, Katy called the performance beautiful; adding she sings circles around everybody. Lionel said that Jurnee is truly talented; he wants to see some attitude. Luke said that Jurnee is spoiling them by her effortlessness.

Shannon O’Hara took on Adele with “All I Ask”. Lionel noted that Shanon was concentrating so hard on the song but felt she did a great job. Saying that she always delivers, Luke also said that she did a great job. Katy said that it was a great song choice; adding that Shannon is so versatile; adding that they need to see more individuality from all of the singers.

In the final performance of the night Ron Bultongez chose “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn. Luke said that felt it; adding that he loved Ron’s voice. Luke noted that fans just want to latch on to the emotions. Lionel noted that Ron has come a long way. Noting that Ron has style Katy said that Ron is intelligent but notes she can still feel his nerves. She told Ron to own it in his duet performance on Monday.