The auditions are over and 24 Hollywood Week have survived Hollywood Week now it is time for the first performances.

Over the next two weeks the top 24 will be performing live and an all star duet.

For the first time on Idol, the top 24 get a mentor to help them prepare for their upcoming performances when Country music star Bobby Bone joins the cast.

First up is Dominique with the Rufus and Chaka Khan hit “Ain’t Nobody”. Saying that Dominique has arrived, Katy said that she felt like it was a show at a club. Saying that he is a great talent, Lionel called Dominique the star attraction. Saying that it was awesome, Luke noted that Domique showed another side of himself.

Next up was Kentucky girl Layla Spring with “A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. Lionel noted that it was one thing to take their advice and another thing to do; adding that Layla did it. Saying that she dug in, Katy said that Layla made them feel it and was impressed with what Layla did. Saying that she is infectious, Luke said that it was fun to watch Layla; adding that she is mature beyond her years.

Catie Turner sang the Blondie hit “Call Me” and had the judges up dancing. Luke said that he couldn’t stop watching her; adding that she did a good job. Saying she made a cool song choice, Katy noted that Catie’s sound is growing. Saying that she did a great job, Lionel said that Catie has taken her style and med them believers.

Dennis Lorenzo wanted to bring a little fun to the stage and chose Magic’s “Rude” for his performance. Katy loved seeing the connection; adding that she also loved the island vibe in the song. While Lionel was crazy about the song choice, he noted that Lorenzo brought the flavour. Saying that Lorenzo could do no wrong in his eyes, Luke loved the stage presence; adding that Lorenzo is a natural star.

Michelle Sussett chose to sing in English and Spanish with “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce. Lionel said that she has stage presence and superstar ability. Saying that she loved the bilingual singing, Katy noted that Michelle has the power to light the stage on fire. Luke noted that Michelle has a unique tone.

Michael J. Woodard chose to sing “Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles and brought the judges to their feet. Luke noted that Michael lets all of his emotions show. Katy called Michael chosen; adding that he is meant to be here. Lionel said that Michael is spectacular at showing his emotions; adding that is his character and to keep it up.

Trevor McBane sang “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo. Katy called Trevor a thunderbolt in a bottle; adding that it is hard to control him. Lionel said that he knew he was going to be slayed every time Trevor took the stage; but added he wanted Trevor to let go. Luke said that Trevor is making them believe but also noted that Trevor is still reigned in and needs to let go.

Jonny Brenns chose to perform the Vance Joy song “Georgia” and had the girls screaming. Lionel asked if he sensed the sexy coming out; adding that Jonny is blooming and coming alive. Saying that she believed in him from day one, Katy said that Jonny’s song choice was dead on. Luke said that Jonny is a great star but just doesn’t know it yet. Luke said that Jonny has a really smooth voice that no one expects; adding that Jonny has all the tools.

Kay Kay chose to perform the Rihanna song “Love on the Brain” and brought the judges to their feet. Luke said that she was born a star. Katy called Kay Kay incredibly talented; adding that tonight the total package has arrived. Lionel siad that Kay Kay had poise.

Brandon Diaz took a big chance by performing the Lionel Richie smash hit “Hello” and had Lionel saying wow. Katy and Lionel both called Brandon so brave. Lionel said that it was the first time he was nervous for Brandon; adding that he wanted Brandon to own it. Host Ryan Seacrest called Lionel to the stage to sing with Brandon…just a little bit. Lionel had trouble remembering the words. Luke and Katy were dancing together.

Next up is Gabby Barrett with the Maren Morris song “My Church” and brought the judges to their feet. Lionel said that he had never in his life had a person wait until the end of the song to blow him away. Lionel told her not to wait until the end but to show herself earlier in the song. Katy called the performance super cool; adding that she agreed with Lionel. Country star Luke Bryan was very happy.

In the final performance of the night Cade Foehner rocked the house with his version of the Jimi Hendrix song “All Along the Watchtower”.Cade was the only performer of the night who played an instrument while he sang. He brought the judges to their feet. Katy said he could preach to her anytime Cade wanted. Katy called him a star. Lionel noted that he was there when the first guy came around; adding that Cade was bringing it all. Luke had no words.