It’s time for the knockout rounds on “The Voice”, but this time there’s a new twist…

For the first time on “The Voice” the coaches have a save button where they can save one of their artists. But the save will not keep an artist from being stolen.

And the steal button returns. The coaches get only one steal for this round.

Instead of having one artist mentoring all of the singers this season, the coaches have brought in past “The Voice” winners.
Kelly Clarkson chose season three winner Casadee Pope.
Adam Levine brought back the best selling artist in the history of “The Voice”, season nine winner Jordan Smith.
Alicia chose her season 12 winner Chris Blue.
Blake brought back last season’s winner and the highest charting artist ever on “The Voice”, Chloe Kohanski.

Up first is team Blake with Jaclyn Lovie and Kyla Jade battling it out. Up first was Jaclyn with “Put Your Records On”. Kyle followed with “You Don’t Own Me”. Calling both performances incredible, Adam noted that there has never been a stranger pairing on the show. Alicia said that Jaclyn was magic, but Kyla…”we just all died.” Blake said that Jaclyn was so good and Kyle is beginning to own the stage. Blake named Kyla as the winner of the battle.

Kelly chose to pair Justin Kilgore and Kaleb Lee for a battle. Up first was Kale with “Free”. Justin chose to sing “Shameless”. Saying that Kaleb is a force to be reckoned with, Alicia felt that Justin showed off his voice. Adam was trying to figure out who Justin was but he noted that Kaleb is the real deal. Blake said that Justin’s nerves got the better of him; adding that he regrets ever letting Kaleb go. Kelly loved Justin’s runs and was very impressed with Kaleb. Kelly chose Kaleb as the winner of the battle.

Up next was team Adam pairing Jackie Foster and Mia Boostrom for a battle. Up first was Adam’s steal Jackie with “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence. Mia chose the Bluesy song “Wade in the Water”. Blake told both girls that they did a great job. He added that Jackie is as good as it gets and Mia was brilliant. Kelly noted that Jackie has crazy range; adding that for her Mia is the dark horse. Alicia noted that Jackie’s voice got stronger as she sang; adding that she was excited to hear Mia sing. Adam called Mia – his one chair turn – the big surprise; adding that Jackie did an incredible job. Adam said that both singers were amazing enough to be in the finale. Adam chose Mia as the winner of the battle. Kelly pushed to steal Jackie and then Adam pushed to save Jackie. While Kelly was talking Blake pushed to steal Jackie. Blake said that he was the only one who didn’t kick Jackie out of the house – Kelly let Jackie go in the battle and Adam chose Mia over Jackie in the knockouts; then Alicia pushed her button saying that she didn’t want to be left out; adding that they would be so good for each other. Jackie chose Alicia to be her new coach.

Blake chose to pair Austin Giorgio and Spensha Baker for a battle. Austin chose to sing the Nat King Cole song “Almost Like Being in Love”. Spensha chose the Chris Stapleton song “Broken Halos”. After the performance Spensha was in tears and Austin gave her a hug. Kelly loved Spensha’s performance; adding that she couldn’t wait to buy her album. Kelly said that she loved Austin. Alicia loved how Austin used the stage and how Spensha got emotional. Adam noted that Austin is so pure in his intention but wants to see a bad side of him; adding that Spensha has so much of her voice that is undiscovered. Noting that they are down to the est of the best, Blake said that Austin has a passion for entertaining, but he loves how Spensha connect with a song. Saying that he is a fan of them both, Blake said that he is a fan of them both and chose Spensha as the winner of the battle. When host Carson Daly said that Austin is available to steal, Blake said that Austin was one of a kind and he wasn’t letting him go anywhere and pushed his button to save Austin.

In her first battle Alicia chose to pair Johnny Bliss and Miya Bass for a battle. Johnny chose “Alive” for his performance and had the house screaming. Johnny put a little Spanish in his performance. Miya sang “Castle on the Hill”. Adam said that Johnny has such a voice; adding that he is a fan of Miya and is always roting for her. Blake said that Johnny is always on point but wants to see some fun stuff; adding that Miya didn’t quite live up to her capabilities. Kelly also wanted more from Miya; adding that Johnny was cool. Alicia called both singer two of the most energetic people on the planet. Alicia noted that Miya’s song choice put her in another place but she loved the emotion of Johnny’s performance. Alicia chose Johnny as the winner of the battle.

In the final battle of the night, Adam paired Drew Cole and Jackie Verna for a battle. Continuing to play his guitar, Drew chose the song “Slow Hands” and Jackie sang “American Honey”. Blake called the battle evenly matched. Kelly loved Drew’s song choice; adding he has a cool voice. She said that Jackie has a huge voice. Alicia noted that Drew and Adam’s voices are similar; adding that Jackie has a pure tone to her voice. Saying that he loves them both very much and both have made strides, Adam noted that there was no wrong choice and chose Jackie as the winner of the battle. Adam pushed his button to save Drew and Blake pushed his button to steal Drew. While Blake called Drew an incredible vocalist and musician, Drew said that he was a loyal man and chose to stay with Adam.

On Tuesday, the Knockout rounds continue.

Team Blake:
Kyla Jade
Spensha Baker
Austin Giorgio – save

Team Kelly:
Kaleb Lee

Team Adam:
Mia Boostrom
Jackie Verna
Drew Cole – save

Team Alicia:
Jackie Foster – steal
Johnny Bliss