Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 10 debut, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo’s dollar store glam wasn’t quite enough to keep her in the workroom.

This week the queens will face another challenge before a second queen will be sent home.

RuPaul comes into the workroom wearing a cowboy with Andy Cohen tagging along.

This week’s mini challenge – Hay Girl Hay – where the queens have 20 minutes to get dragged up Country style and then strut their stuff.

Andy named Asia O’Hara and The Vixen as the two winners of the challenge.

Saying that she loves the pharmacuitical ads on the television, RuPaul has written her own prescription for the musical PharmuRusical. The queens will be divided into two teams with the winners of the mini challenge as the captains in charge of selecting the teams.

Asia O’Hara: :
Monique Heart
Dusty Ray Bottoms
Kalorie Karbdashian Williams

The Vixen:
Kameron Michaels
Miz Cracker
Monet X Change
Blair St. Clair
Mayhem Miller

As the final queen standing, Eureka gets to choose which team she wants to be on and she chose to be on Asia’s team.

The Vixen decides to assign the roles without input from the team members.

Even though they are meeting with a choreographer, Asia wants to create her own choreography beforehand.

RuPaul comes into the workroom and meets with the queens and talks to them about their roles.

Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards is the choreographer for the Rusical. Eureka says that her knee is fine, but admits to herself that it’s in her head about getting hurt last time.

Blair is having some trouble with her dancing.

In the workroom Eureka is having some confidence issues.

After Michelle’s remarks last week, Dusty is in a quandary as to whether to put the dots on her face again this week. Dusty said that the dots on her face is her signature look.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are regulars Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews with special guest judges Halsey and Padma Lakshmi.

After their Rusical performance, the runway theme this week was Very Best Drag.

Team The Vixen was the winning team of the challenge with The Vixen winning the challenge. The team is safe and will not be eliminated.

Team Asia O’Hara are all up for elimination. But only one will go home.

In their remarks the judges said:
While Asia stayed in character and had one of the most eye catching looks her performance was good but not great and left the judges not knowing who she really is.

Yuhua did not impress with her runway look but did stand out in the performance. When she said that she had a better look she chose not to use, Ross told her that if a costume is left in the closet, it doesn’t help you.

Choosing not to put the dots on her face this week, Dusty had an awesome runway look and the judges lover her performance.

Monique’s runway look was fun and different but her performance wasn’t memorable and she struggled with the words.

Kalorie didn’t know her words and she disappeared in the crowd during the performance. Her runway look was more what someone would wear to the club. The judges wanted more imagination and creativity from her.

Eureka chose to wear one of many bodysuits on the runway tonight and the judges felt like she struggled with the words. Eureka herself was very emotional; saying that she didn’t realize how emotional she was over what happened last season. Ross told her that last season her knee sent her home but if she doesn’t get out of her head, her head will send her home this season. The judges noted that Eureka was her own worst enemy.

Aquaria had a fantastic runway look and was a great dancer but her old lady look failed to impress.

After deliberations RuPaul said that Asia, Aquaria, Dusty, and Yuhua were all safe but Eureka founder herself in the bottom two with Karlorie and facing elimination.

The lip sync performance this week was “Best of My Love” by the Emotions.

After the lip sync performance, RuPaul told Eureka to chantay you stay, but after finding herself in the bottom two for the second week, it was time for Kalorie Karbdashian Williams to sashay away.

In the untucked episode the winning queens of team Vixen kicked off their shoes and got comfortable to discuss why they thought they had the winning team. Vixen noted that in choosing her team, she did not want big personalities on her team.

When the losing queens of team Asia cam backstage, Asia noted that she thought they had the harder number to perform. The queens began talking over each other as they discussed the issue.

Eureka said that she knew she would end up in the bottom and probably with Kalorie. Kalorie agreed with Eureka; adding that she felt like a failure. Kalorie noted that in her home in New Mexico she was somebody but here (the show) she is forgettable.

Eureka was very emotional and upset the entire time she was backstage.

Monique is concerned about what her family would say if they saw her on the show.

The queens are still teasing Asia about her Dollar Store sponge costume last week.